Why I started this blog


Why am I writing this blog? The reason is simple. My goal is to bring people together, people of all ages, of all races, of all religions, of all nations. Reminding all of us of our true self… the self inside of us, the power inside.. the voice within… the god potential that we all have… we are part of god, of source, of the universe. Or whatever you like to call ‘it’.

Star Wars calls it the force… and it is a good name for it in my opinion. The force. It shows the power that we have when we allow it to speak through us… allowing is the number one thing. When we open ourselves to love, we allow the force to come through us. Now you might say that in Star Wars not only the Jedis used the force but also the ones from the death star, the dark ones, Darth Vader and co. Surely, they didn’t open themselves up to love in order to receive the force. This is the shadow part. The force is powerful in anyone's hands. And yes you could us it for your own benefit, you could use it to harm others and yes you could use it to gain material power at the cost of others. This is also called black magic and it has been around since the beginning. This is where free will comes in. We have the choice. Do we want to use the force for the benefit of our higher selves and others? Or do we want to use the force for the benefit of our lower selves (ego) at the cost of others?

These two sides are in balance on Planet Earth. The light and the dark. Love and fear. And it’s one of the reasons why this game of life on Earth is especially hard because Earth has many ways to divert ourselves. We have different sexes, different skin colors, different body shapes, different religions, nations, cultures, languages, and so on… we have so many things that are differentiating us from each other that it sometimes seems hard to really see the love, that we’re one, that we’re all the same. What do I mean by all the same? We are all spiritual beings, all souls, having a human or an animal or a plant experience here on Earth. We chose to do so for various reasons. Everyone is on a different journey but the goal is the same – coming back to source, reaching enlightenment eventually. Winning the game of life… how do we win? By allowing the force to come through us, and out of us, without limitations, without conflict, without fear. Allowing pure love to stream out of us. By being the light in the darkness. Shining our light. Embracing our differences. Uniting in love and compassion.

This is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. We are at the threshold of a new age that will last about 2100 years. We are coming out of the Age of Pisces where many religions were created. Pisces the age of belief, of surrendering, of trust. Now in the Age of Aquarius we are moving from belief to knowing. It’s not enough to believe. We are meant to know. If we just believe, we can easily be deceived. And that’s what has happened throughout the Age of Pisces. We were deceived believing that governments and cooperations are here to look out for us – not realizing they are here to look out for themselves. Most of them. And that’s why the world looks like this. That’s why we still have oil cars even though we know that oil is destroying our environment. That’s one example out of many. But I don’t want to get too deep into this right now. Anyway, this blog is about shifting from BELIEVING to KNOWING – knowing that we are infinite beings with a tremendous power inside. And we are the ones who are creating our future. Not the government, not the elite, not any group of people, but all of us together. No matter how rich or poor, no matter what race, no matter what religion or nation, we are all in this together and as a community of Earthlings, we are all creating this reality together. This is why I started this blog. To share news about ascension, ancient wisdom reignited, to remind us all that we are more than what we see in the mirror, we are more than our physical appearance. We are infinite. We are powerful. We are wise. And when we change ourselves, when we let the force flow through us, we are changing the world. We are the ones who either create hell or paradise on earth. We have the power. Let’s shine our lights even brighter.

Peace & Love,