Full Moon in Cancer - Time to Play (and Heal Cancer)

Has there something been on your chest that you felt like it is time to let go of?
Are you feeling a drive inside, a drive that takes you somewhere new, 
somewhere exciting, somewhere playful?


The Full Moon is in Cancer (tomorrow morning at 3:33AM PT to be exact).

Cancer rules the Heart Chakra. Cancer is our inner child, our play time, our emotional freedom, when we live from the heart, courageously, dramatically, full of love and nurturing.

Interestingly there is something else called Cancer and it’s spreading around the world like an epidemic. I’m sure you know at least one person who was diagnosed with Cancer in your circle of friend and family, and maybe even died from it. Why is that? Why are so many people diagnosed with Cancer?

I figured I look at it from an astrological point of view.

Cancer is the opposite sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the adult. The energy of “adulting”… the “taking on of responsibilities”, the “following the rules”, the “doing what society expects you to”… that kind of energy. Capricorn is great to focus and to work hard, to be determined and manage our day. But when it becomes too extreme, we deny the Cancer part of ourselves… the inner child... the play time... the time where we are ourselves - comfortably chaotic, funnily weird, passionately cuddly. How often do we let these times come out? How often do we follow our hearts – despite what other people say? How often do we just take time out from responsibility, from work, from perfectionism… where we just are. As children. Yes, it’s important to be the adult in life, and it’s as important to be the child.

When we’re overfilled with adulting… that’s when Cancer creeps in. The dis-ease Cancer comes when the Cancer energy is unfulfilled. This is my personal opinion and as of now I do not have statistics on it to prove it. But by just thinking about the people in my life who were diagnosed with Cancer… I see that it works. There was much stress, much responsibility in their lives… it was hard for them to let go and just play… Cancer also rules food, and in most cases there was a dietary issue, either eating too heavy to numb down feelings or not eating enough out of a lack of nurturing.

When we play with our inner child, we love ourselves. We acknowledge our talents, we enjoy being us in this very moment… we’re perfect the way we are. We have all the potential. Remember when we had dreams when we were children, and so much hope for the future, knowing that no matter what when we grow up we’re exactly where we’re meant to be? This feeling of being safe, of feeling nurtured and loved… that’s what heals an imbalanced Cancer-Capricorn energy. And ultimately that will heal the body from Cancer.

Self-love through positive self-talk, healthy nutrition, fun workout, time for love and play.


Now on this Full Moon in Cancer these things are highlighted. How often do we take time out to love ourselves… where we let go of the stress, the worries, the responsibilities and just be, just play, just create? Now is the time. Go out and play. Love yourself. Do something that you enjoy doing with all your heart. Be there in the moment, fully present, fully engaged, fully grateful.

Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, make sure to schedule time for play.

I like to play with my inner child for at least an hour a day. That’s a luxury and I’m very grateful for that time. But I also have to take it. I have to commit myself to that self-love, otherwise it’s too easy to get distracted and waste my free-time on social media or emails, or random other information overload. The cool thing about this is, the more we play, the better we are at that adulting thing.

A few minutes a day of pure childlike fun can bring hours of focused efficient concentration.

Instead of dragging ourselves from one work to the other, or one responsibility to the next… let’s stop and play, and then come back on stronger than ever.

This Full Moon’s questions are:

How do you play?

What have you enjoyed doing as a child and haven’t done in a while?

When was the last time you just let go and had fun?


Please comment below to share your thoughts.

Love & Peace,