About Spirit guides, angels and demons


Today on Friday 13th, it is not uncommon to think about otherworldly things. 1 is the number of power, and 3 is the number of creativity and manifestation. So it’s a day of powerful manifestation – or magic.

I dreamed last night that a little girl tells me about a horror movie where demons were coming and trying to get people. I saw that it bothered her and she was scared. I asked her, do you know how to protect yourself from demons? She shook her head. I said, with love. They feed of your fear. By sending them love, they starve.

When I was in college I wrote my bachelor thesis about horror movies. I always enjoyed watching horror movies about ghosts, demons, etc. At first, I wasn’t too sure why that was the case, however, now I realize that I am craving movies about the spirit world… where it doesn’t end when someone dies, but where it follows the soul into the afterlife or in-between life.

Horror movies show that there is more out there than what we see, they often incorporate divination tools like the Ouija board, or they show how we can channel messages from other dimensions through visions and dreams. The thing with horror movies is… the spirit being is almost always evil, full of hatred and it is almost impossible to protect yourself from it. This way of looking at the spirit world has brought us all to the point where everything paranormal or ‘out-of-this-world’ has a touch of scariness to it. I believe that if angels and spirit guides would show themselves in this physical realm many of us would be scared and would remember horror movies where these beings from other dimensions are here to harm us.

In ancient times it was normal to connect with your guides and the spirit world on a regular basis. The bible is full of reports about people’s visions, prophecies and dreams. It was socially accepted. It was something that everyone can experience, it was part of being a soul in a human body – we are always connected to our home and we can call home anytime.

Most spirit beings are here to protect us, are here to guide us, send us little messages along the way (11:11) or give us inspirations and ideas. We all have at least one personal spirit guide who is assigned to us and who only has our Highest Good in mind. I call them in before my readings, in meditation, if I need guidance, if I’m looking for something, if I want to protect myself and others, or when I just want to thank them for their ongoing support. They are like your best friends in the spirit world that you can always count on. However, there is an unspoken rule in the spirit world – you can’t interfere with someone’s life unless he/she invites you to. There are exceptions like in accidents or emergency situations where your guardian angel might interfere but in general they are very respectful of our free will and let us do pretty much anything we want, even if it harms us or others.


Spirit guide caught on camera?


Some spirits do not comply with this rule. It is very seldom, but there are some beings which are stuck in negative energies, like fear, hatred, revenge. These souls can interfere with your free will without you inviting them into your life, similar to ghosts in horror movies. Throughout my times of out-of-body experiences and astral travels in other dimensions I have only encountered a few of these beings.

But that’s not a reason to be scared of them. It’s actually the worst thing that you can do if you’re scared of them. Because fear is what they feed off, the low energy of fear is what they need to survive on their plane of existence. So if you’re scared of them, you give them what they need. If you give them love, they don’t know what to do with it at first… then they either leave or they remember, where they came from and transform.

I had a few dreams where I was surrounded by people with dark eyes (eyes are the mirror of the soul) and at first it was really scary. But throughout my experiences of nightmares (which are tests in the spirit world), I realized that if you don’t fall for the fear, that’s how you win. What I like to do is start singing. I remember very vividly one dream where I was stuck in a dark room and people with black eyes were coming closer and closer to me and talked in a very deep voice, saying mean things. I started singing the song: “Why you gotta be so rude? Don’t you know I’m human too...” They were shocked at first and didn’t know what to do. I continued to sing and felt joy in my heart. Suddenly their eyes changed. I could see light shining through their eyes, their true colors were coming back. They joined me in the song and we ended up all singing together. The walls of the room broke apart and the sunlight was shining through. People were smiling, dancing and singing. It was so beautiful.

This is what horror movies often don’t tell us. Love and joy are the ultimate protectors of anything scary. This can also be correlated to our physical realm. Worries are a misuse of imagination. When we trust, love and feel joy in our heart, we are attracting beautiful things into our lives. Whatever we focus on, we bring more into our life. So if we focus on not having enough money for example, we bring more money scarcity into our life. If we focus on that people are out there to hurt and manipulate us, we will attract people who will do just that. But if we focus on the beauty, the gratitude we feel about our life, the little gifts that we receive like health, a roof over our head, the kindness of strangers, we will bring more of that happiness and abundance into our lives.

Fear is a part of this world, and it doesn’t help us to ignore our fears, because that’s how they become stronger and more powerful – in the subconscious. Facing our fears with love is what will ultimately help us to rise above them and either make negative energies leave our lives or transform into higher realms. Sometimes fears are also very helpful in warning us from certain situations or people or in emergency situations. Instead of dwelling onto those fears, however, it helps to either make necessary adjustments in our lives and/or to ask our spirit guides to protect us and our loved ones.

We are not alone. Love, Gratitude and Joy are the most powerful feelings that can overcome anything. And we don’t even need to try to get them from somewhere or someone, it’s all already inside of us.

In memory of this Friday the 13th, I invite you to go within and connect with your inner voice. Peace is within us. Know that nothing can control you if you don’t let it control you. Don’t listen to your fears, they’re only here to test you. Enjoy the moment, be grateful for what is and trust that you manifest all for your Highest Good.

Peace & Love,


P.S. What are your experiences with the spirit world? Do you have regular contact with your guides or does it seem scary to you? Please comment below to share your thoughts.