New Moon in Aquarius - Show your True Colors

 Have you been feeling judged and criticized by others for what you desire to do? Do you feel in your heart that you want to walk a certain path but you are afraid of how your friends and surroundings would think of you?  Have you had an idea that would contribute to changing the world but you’re scared to implement it into reality?

Now is the time. The New Moon is in Aquarius (exact at 4:07 PM PT today).

The first New Moon of the year 2017. Aquarius is the energy of revolution, community, equality, breaking away from old structures, creating a new society, inventions, and so on. Sounds familiar? Yep, that’s what is happening throughout the world right now. We have entered the Age of Aquarius so this New Moon is enhancing the feeling of rebellion inside of ourselves.

Now is the time to manifest anything we desire to bring into our lives, which will usually start happening around the Full Moon in Leo in two weeks where we can truly shine our light. This New Moon in Aquarius helps us to recognize that we are special the way we are.

There is no need for us to hold back our light because we might feel it’s too bright for others, or too weird, or even scary for some. It is time to follow our heart no matter what other people think or say. It is time to think outside of the box, to get out of our comfort zone, to truly live authentically from our hearts.

When you start doing what you’re meant to do, people will call you crazy or unrealistic. It’s almost a given. Not everyone will call you that but people who are not on the same frequency as you will do so.

Do not let yourself get strained away from your path, do not let yourself feel despair. Despair brings us into a point of hiding away our light and this is not the time to do so. Especially now, thinking of what Mother Earth and all earthlings are going through, now is the time for us to awaken to our true powers, to shine our true colors.


Remember, you are not alone. Even if you feel that people around you might not accept the new you, know that as soon as you’re sending this new frequency out you will attract others on the same and you will create a community of likeminded people around you, people who are supporting your light, no matter how weird it might seem to others.

Think about the five people you are in contact with the most and ask yourself, are those people supporting my path? Are they appreciating what I do and like who I am?

If yes, congratulations. This is something to be truly grateful for. I thank life everyday for bringing people to me who support me in all the craziness of myself, in following my path which is not the standard path of a standard person in this standard society. But they understand that it is my purpose and instead of judging they are appreciating, even celebrating my true self.

This wasn’t always the case in my life. There was a time where it was hard for me to be accepted the way I was, I was mostly an outsider or I tried so hard to fit in that I wasn’t true to myself. It just didn’t feel right. If you’re in that space right now, release the fears that you might end up alone if you’re true to yourself. That is not the case. The more you live from your heart and shine your true colors, the more of your people will come into your life, including soulmates. We attract what we send out.

Now during this New Moon in Aquarius, let’s reflect on what we’re sending out and how we can shine our light even more authentically so that we attract more of what is meant for us. Life goes so much smoother when we’re on our right path. There is no one right path, everyone of us has its own right path. If you’re confused about what your path is, I would strongly recommend an astrology reading. Our path is presented in our birth chart, from the moment of our birth, it is within us and the more we know who we truly are, the more we can express it with courage and strength, no matter what others might say.


Knowing yourself, is one of the strongest powers. If you’re interested in learning astrology, this New Moon is also great to manifest classes or books or whatever you need to get started. I give public classes in Las Vegas, as well as private classes over the phone, so if you’re ever interested in learning more about your own path, feel free to contact me or any other astrologer who resonates with you. It has literally changed my life because now when people are doubting my path I’m not afraid to stand up for myself because I know that I’m doing what I’m meant to do. It’s such a freeing beautiful feeling to be able to let your spirit soar and live life from your soul.

Happy New Moon in Aquarius to you!

Stay weird. The current “normal” of society is crazy anyway ;)

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Questions to ask yourself for this New Moon:

  • Who are the five people I am in contact with the most? Are they supporting my true self or are they judging me?

  • In what ways can I bring more of my authentic self out into the world?

  • What are my true desires, what is my ideal world to live in and how can I manifest more of that in my life?

  • What idea has been popping up in my head lately and is now ready to be planted into this physical realm?

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