The Metaphysical Meaning of the Snow Moon in Leo, Lunar Eclipse and Comet 45P this Friday

This Friday, the 2/10/2017, is a significant day not only from an astronomical point of view but also from a very personal, spiritual perspective. Full Moon will be in Leo (exact at 4:32PM PT), a Lunar Eclipse (exact at 4:43 p.m. PT) occurs and we will be able to see a Comet flying by a few hours later.

“A few hours after the eclipse, Comet 45P makes its closest approach to Earth, when it will be "only" 7.4 million miles away, NASA said. Look to the east around 3 a.m. Saturday morning, where it will be visible in the sky in the constellation Hercules. Binoculars or a telescope could be helpful. Watch for a bright blue-green "head" with a tail.” –

This is what happens in the sky. Now let’s see how that affects us on a metaphysical level.

Comets have been seen throughout history as Divine Messengers. One of the most famous comets is probably the Star of Bethlehem which supposedly occurred during Jesus’ birth, symbolizing his upcoming ascension as spiritual master. A comet is helping us see things coming into light which were previously hidden in the dark, and this revelation happens relatively fast – almost in an enlightening way.

What will you discover about yourself or others?

Lunar Eclipses happen when the Earth’s shadow is reflected on the Moon’s surface. The Earth is basically in between the Sun and the Moon. During eclipses the veil between the physical and subtle realm is thinner than usual which assists us in connecting with spirit in various ways – e.g. through meditation, ritual, vision, astral travel, dreams, channeling, praying, dancing, singing.

Is there a question you seek an answer to?

And last but not least, the Full Moon… Full Moons are a time of celebration and release. Celebrating the manifestation of our intentions that we set during New Moon (two weeks ago in Aquarius or New Moon in Leo last year on August 2nd), and/or releasing what no longer serves us for our Highest Good.

This Full Moon is in Leo – the Sign of the Sun.


What to celebrate during Full Moon:


-          Your personal power

-          Your achievements

-          Your creativity

-          Your inner child

-          Your generosity

-          Your specialness



What to release during Leo Full Moon:


-          Fear of Success/Failure

-          Fear of shining your light

-          Fear of Playfulness & Children

-          Fear of other people’s opinions

-          Self-Centeredness/Pride

-          Fear of your talents and powers


Bathe in Gold:

Gold is the color of the Leo energy and it is especially beneficial to wear gold during this Full Moon, to use Gold in your rituals or energy healings or to envision yourself in a golden bubble of light.

During Meditation:

If you have a piece of gold (e.g. jewelry), placing the gold on your solar plexus (your naval chakra) enhances your creative personal power. Then bringing it towards your heart chakra will connect your heart with your power and bring compassion into the way you express yourself.

Feng Shui:

Leo is connected to the West Bagua in Feng Shui since this one relates to our Creativity and Children. Check the West side of your room/apartment/house and see how it looks. Declutter if necessary. Add some art or decor pieces that inspire you to create.

Other Full Moon activities:


This Friday – a portal opens for all souls who are ready to step into their true light and shine.

You are a powerful and compassionate being and you have the ability to change your life and the life of others by your actions and thoughts.


How are you celebrating this Triple Event? I'm looking forward to your comments.

I’m wishing you all a wonderful magical time!

Love & Peace,