How to Use this Powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse for your Highest Good

One of the two most powerful Moons of 2017 will be happening this Sunday. Why? This New Moon is not just a regular New Moon. It is accompanied by a Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse New Moon Event will be energizing us until August 21st, so for about 6 months.

Solar Eclipses are enhanced New Moons by opening an energetic gate where our intentions flow and will be manifested in the next six months. This New Moon and Solar Eclipse are in the energy of Pisces (at 8 degrees) – the sign of belief, trust and unconditional love.

It is another powerful event in the skies since the last Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Leo. Pisces is the energy that will surround us this time, the endless ocean of oneness and unconditional love in the higher realms, or an infinite stream of confusion and distraction in the lower realms. The choice is ours.

How can you use this powerful event for your Highest Good?


Reflect on your underlying beliefs

Pisces asks us to believe in ourselves and our abilities to shape our reality.

Reflect on:

  1. What are your beliefs about yourself, others and the world?
  2. Are they inspiring and motivating you or are they blocking you from achieving your highest potential?
  3. Change your beliefs and you change your life.


Release the old to make space for the new


This Solar Eclipse is a great opportunity to release old patterns, habits, thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back from manifesting what we truly want. Especially anything that stems from your past life, or from your childhood, things that you believe about yourself, the limits that you set onto yourself, all that stuff can be released now so that you’re ready to bring in the new.

Reflect on what you’re ready to release. Is there a person from your past that still causes lower feelings in you, like anger and sadness? Is there a time in your life that you haven’t forgiven yourself? Are there certain beliefs about yourself and the world that you have taken on and which are unnecessarily limiting you from reaching your highest potential?

If you’re not aware of any underlying fears or worries, notice if you display any addictions. Addictions include but are not limited to: drugs, alcohol, nicotine, coffee, social media, food, sex. Addictions are a sign that we are running away from dealing with our shadows by distracting us with other things. However, these fears want to be heard and as soon as we face them, we can rise above them, break the pattern and therefore bring new opportunities and blessings into our lives.

Turn any limiting beliefs into inspiring beliefs


Reflect on any limiting beliefs you might have and turn them into an inspiring belief. Use the inspiring belief as your daily affirmation to bring it into your subconscious.

I am lonely/I will never find a partner who loves me the way I am. I am unconditionally loved. Love is within me and surrounding me at all times.


It is hard to make money/I will never live in financial freedom. I trust that abundance comes easy and effortlessly to me when I follow my heart.


I am crazy/weird. I embrace my psychic abilities and I am open to learning how to control them.


I am lost/I have failed in my soul’s purpose. I believe that I am divinely guided in my life and everything happens for my Highest Good.


I am not good enough/I will never be successful.


I have a unique gift that I am meant to share with the world. I am enough.

You attract what you believe.

Use this Solar Eclipse to break the cycle of limiting beliefs and watch your life change.


Embrace your manifestation powers


You are the creator of your reality. Your thoughts and emotions are creating your life. You are not a victim of circumstances, but a master of manifestation. Now is the time to take that responsibility and power over your life and manifest the things that are truly aligned with your Highest Self.

The more open your intentions the better.

Instead of wanting to manifest a win in the lottery for example, see yourself feeling financially abundant and then you give life more opportunities to bring that to you. Instead of wanting to manifest that a certain person falls in love with you, feel yourself being loved and cherished and let life bring that special someone into your life. The more open your intentions are, the higher is the possibility of manifestation.

Focus on the FEELING you want to feel and pretend it is already here.
Leave the HOW it will manifest itself to the Universe.


Here are some ideas on what will be great for you to manifest this New Moon according to your Sun and Rising sign:

Focus on being of service


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac - bringing the end of the Lunar Year and symbolizing the end of our life. What will be really important after we leave this physical body and come home?

Will we look back at our lives and ask ourselves how many social media followers we had? Or how much money and physical items we hoarded?

Or will we ask ourselves, how many people have I helped? How did I share my wisdom? How did I serve my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All?

I have been using a great mantra lately, whenever I need guidance in my life and it has shifted my reality. The mantra is:

Guide me and heal me so I can be of greater service.


This beautiful mantra includes necessary self-love (heal me), humility (guide me) and purpose (being of service).

Pisces teaches us that in the end all it matters is how much we were of service to our surroundings. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse is about realizing that being a servant is actually the most powerful position one can take on in a lifetime. Not a servant of your or someone else’s ego, but a servant of your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All.

By putting ourselves in a position of service, our ego desires fall away  (the things that we think we want to achieve but that are often turn out as a trap) and our true soul’s purpose comes into play (the things that we actually need in order to feel fulfilled and happy in life).

Ask yourself: how can I be of service?

This is where you can find your greatest gift and unique talent within.

Other Tools for this New Moon/Solar Eclipse Event:


New Moon Ritual:

Reflect on your beliefs, your connection to the spirit world, your gifts that you can bring into the world. Write down open intentions to be manifested in the next six months. Trust and let go.

Feng Shui:

Pisces is the energy of the subconscious, the hidden. Declutter your house, especially the places that you usually ignore, to make space for fresh energy. Also, building an altar or sacred space in your house for daily spiritual practice (like yoga, meditation, singing, dancing, praying, channeling) is very beneficial.


Aquamarine. Amethyst. Sugilite. Blue Lace Agate. Labradorite.

Essential Oil:



Third Eye Chakra. Your Sixth Sense.

Here is a great article from my dear friend and mystic Sage Gorney on how to embrace your psychic abilities.

~ ~

This powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse energy is already lingering around so you can get started with sending out your intentions right away.

I’m wishing you a wonderful sacred weekend.

Love & Peace,