Telepathy - The Superpower inside of You


“Telepathy (from the Greek τῆλε, tele meaning "distant" and πάθος, pathos or -patheia meaning "feeling, perception, passion, affliction, experience") is the purported transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction.” - Wikipedia

Telepathy sounds like a hard thing to do, and only professional mind readers, psychics, mystics can do it, right? Nope. You might be surprised if I tell you that you are already using telepathy in your everyday life -as are all other beings.


Most of us do telepathy on a subconscious level. And here’s how:

For example, if your friend tells you a story, do you see a picture in front of your mind’s eye? Do you sometimes just know when someone is about to call you? Do you think of something and someone else says it?

These are examples of telepathy in our everyday life. It’s a transmission of information beyond time and space.

Animals are communicating in this way all the time. That’s their main language. Spiritual beings, like angels, spirit guides or loved ones who have crossed over, communicate in the same way.


The language that we’re having here on Earth – as much as we like to see ourselves as an advanced society – is actually not that advanced. Think about it. There are so many different languages around the world, and people are having trouble understanding each other because of sounds that we make that mean different things in different parts of the world. And then we created grammar and make people feel bad if they’re not using it correctly lol.



The language of ascension is Telepathy. A spiritually advanced civilization doesn’t need words to communicate – it communicates via images. Since humanity is ascending to higher realms now and more and more of us are expanding our Third Eye, telepathy is the language of the future.

By embracing your Sixth Sense (and everyone has one!), you are able to develop your psychic abilities more consciously. Instead of brushing it off as accidental or coincidental – see it as proof that you are capable of telepathy.


Why am I writing this?

This message came to me last night in meditation. It made me realize how much I have been using telepathy in my life without even consciously knowing. And that when I embrace it as part of my life I can use it in a direct and focused way. After receiving this message I had to try it out. I was still lying in bed in meditation when I heard my cat friend Miss Googoo moving her metal bowl. I knew this meant that she wanted water. I wasn’t feeling like getting up at this moment in time (and I also knew that she had water downstairs) so I tried out telepathy. I sent her an image of myself lying in bed, meditating, so that she knows that I won’t be able to give it to her right MEOW. ;)

To my surprise she stopped moving the bowl. A couple minutes later I heard her jumping up on the bed and I thought, oh, she understood. I thought I’d like to do an experiment. I sent her another image or better a little movie: first I see her licking my hand, then I get up and give her water. Basically, I told her, if you come and kiss my hand, I’ll get you water. Now I have to say that she usually doesn’t give away kisses like that, and she has never asked me for water in that way before. But after I sent that image to her, she walks towards me and licks my hand. I felt this amazingly deep mind connection with her and I realized, this is how we always communicate; I just never did it that consciously. It was magical. Of course, I got up and got her water – that was part of the deal and she jumped right off the bed, drank her water and was happy.

Photo: Miss Googoo

This little story reminds us that we are connecting with each other through telepathy on a regular basis, mostly subconsciously by sending out images and receiving pictures from others. But when we shift our awareness and become focused on what we’re sending out we are actually able to consciously communicate with all kind of beings, obviously our fellow human beings, but also babies, animals, and even plants.

Telepathy is the language of the soul. And we’re all speaking it. In the midst of words and letters we have just forgotten how.

Here are some tips to help expanding your Pineal Gland (The seat of your Third Eye):

Try out telepathic communication on your own and see how it works.

As a mama-to-be I’m talking telepathically to my baby in my belly. Sometimes I’m receiving images of specific foods she’d like to eat, or if she’d like to be held or if she wants to dance. I also like to send her pink sparkling light surrounding her whole body so that she feels safe, protected and loved. I can feel her responding and it’s a beautiful bond to create between mama and baby.

Here are more ways to communicate and practice telepathy.

What is your experience with telepathy? Do you remember using it without even knowing what you were doing?

Please share your story below. I’m excited to hear about your experience.

Love & Peace,