Full Moon in Virgo - Soften Your Judgments


This Sunday, March 12th at 7:53 AM PT there will be a Full Moon in Virgo. This Moon is also called the Worm Moon in the Native American tradition since it marks the time where the "ground begins to soften enough for earthworm casts to reappear, inviting the return of robins and migrating birds. Roots start to push their way up through the soil, and the Earth experiences a re-birth as it awakens from its winter slumber" (The Old Farmer's Almanac). This is the last Full Moon before the astrological new year starts on March 20th when the Sun goes into Aries.


What does this mean on a metaphysical level?

Virgo is the archetype of the Helper and the sign's greatest strength is her keen eye for detail which assists her in pinpointing exactly what needs to be fixed in order to improve a situation, a business, a person's health, a design, etc. That's why an imbalance in Virgo's energies can lead to an extreme way of black-and-white thinking, a strict distinction between good or bad, and right or wrong.

With the Sun being in Pisces, the exact opposite sign, this Sunday's Full Moon brings about a reflection of Pisces' light of unconditional love into Virgo's black-and-white world.

Full Moons are about releasing what is no longer needed in our life, and this Full Moon teaches us to let go of judgments of what we consider right or wrong, good or bad, and soften them into the divine trust in the bigger picture of it all.


How does this Moon's energy affect us on a personal level?

For this, I have a little story to tell: Two nights ago, my cat friend Googoo got out of the front door and went missing. The past two days (and nights) I spent looking for her... I hung up posters, called shelters, walked and drove around the neighborhood,  talked to neighbors and cried... I missed her so much and I couldn't understand where she went.

I asked my tarot cards about her and the DEATH card came up. Now I know as an experienced Tarot Card reader that the DEATH card means release and transformation and only rarely actual physical death. However, in my state of mind I feared the worst since Googoo is an old lady and being out there for two cold desert nights and two hot desert days (we live in Las Vegas) I was afraid that she didn't make it. I made myself focus on the hope that she will come back, fixed in my opinion that if she comes back it is good and if I can't find her it is bad.

Realizing that this is very stressful on myself and my baby inside of me, I did meditations to release the cords that are attaching me to these fears.

Here is the one I did but there are many others on youtube:


After the meditation I fell asleep and woke up at around 4 am. I routinely checked outside the front door to see if maybe Googoo would sit there. No trace of her. I went back to bed and had suddenly the urge to look up a story I read a long time ago. I wasn't too sure what it was called so it took me a bit to find it but reading it changed my world by shifting my perspective.


This story is over 2000 years old and is about a poor farmer and his son who had a horse - the only way for them to make a living. One day, the horse ran away. The neighbor came by and said, "What bad news! Your horse ran away and you're with nothing left." The farmer said, "Good or bad, who can say?". A few days later the horse came back in accompany with 12 other horses. The neighbor came by again and said, "What good news! You are so lucky!". The farmer said, "Good or bad, who can say?" A few days later his son was riding one of the new horses, fell and broke his leg. The neighbor came again and said: "Oh what bad news! Your son's leg is broken and that right before the harvest." The farmer said again, "Good or bad, who can say?". A few days later, war breaks out in the country and every young man in the village had to go to the front and died. Except for the farmer's son with his broken leg.

This story shows us how there is not really good or bad. It's our judgement that makes a situation good or bad. The farmer understood the bigger picture and realized that you can never tell if something is good or bad, because there's something good in the bad and there's something bad in the good, as it is shown in the famous Yin and Yang symbol. (Notice yin and yang, and not yin or yan).

Here's a cool animation video illustrating the yin and yang symbol, and how all energies are interconnected.


It is seen as so normal in today's Western society to judge something as bad or as good, negative or positive - just like the neighbor in the story above. The neighbor's emotional level throughout those few days looked like this:

Source: medium.com

The farmer didn't judge the situation as good or bad, but was going with the flow, letting his mind become an observer. His emotional level throughout the same events looked like this:

Source: medium.com

This doesn't mean that he is unengaged in life, that he can't show emotions or be happy or sad. The difference between him and the neighbor is that he understands the bigger picture, he knows that we can't control the things that are happening to us but we can control our reactions to them. And often it matters more how we react to the situations in our life than the situations themselves.

And now the end of the story:

After I told my mom about the story this morning and I consciously let go of my need for Googoo to come back, I said, who knows if it is good or bad that she is gone, who am I to judge? I felt relieved that I let go and let god, that I trusted the higher Divine and knew that there is no good or bad and everything happens for a reason.

I'm not kidding - about 20 minutes after our conversation my phone rang and a neighbor told me that he found my cat and he has taken care of her the past two nights and days.

Right after I let go of my fixed opinion, thinking that it is bad if Googoo is gone and that it is good if Googoo comes back. And as soon as I let her go, she came back to me.



This is the lesson that we are learning during this Full Moon in Virgo time:

Releasing our judgments about what is good or bad, no matter if we're judging ourselves, others or society, or anything... letting go of that fixed opinion that something has to happen as we imagine it otherwise it wouldn't be "good"... And as soon as we "let go and let god"... we're not only living a more balanced life but also our deepest wishes end up being fulfilled.

From a soul's perspective there is no right or wrong. We as souls incarnated into a physical body in order to experience this world - like an avatar in a computer game. Nothing is really good or bad for the soul because everything is a potential for growth.


What do to for this Full Moon in Virgo?


Become aware of what kinds of judgments you make throughout the day. Ask yourself if these judgments are empowering you or are helping you to unconditionally love yourself and others. Try to soften your judgments, let go of old thought patterns on how you thought things are supposed to be and see how your life changes.

Check your birth chart to see in what area in your life you're especially meant to release judgments. This Full Moon is in 22 degree Virgo. See if it touches any of your natal planets in between 21 and 23 degrees. These planets and their position will show you what to release. If you have any questions in regards to this, contact me here.


Full Moon Prayer for Release
Full Moon Ritual


Full Moons are not only for release but also for celebration. Think back on what your intentions were for the last New Moon in Pisces. Do you feel like you were able to manifest some of them? (Writing a Moon Diary is a great way to keep track of that).

Whereas New Moons are a time to BE, Full Moons are a time to DO... Put your dreams into action, especially in regards to Virgo's energies:


  • DIET






Yesterday I bought a bunch of new cleaning supplies to make it easier to keep our house organized. Decluttering is a wonderful thing and a great way to physically release burdens so that we're open for new energies to enter our lives. I have also been reading about healing dis-eases through diet and home remedies and now during this Full Moon time I'm finding more and more ways on how to implement these into my life and the lives of others.

Let the Full Moon's light fill your heart


What are you celebrating during this Full Moon? What judgments about yourself or others are you releasing?

I'm looking forward to hear about your story.

Have a wonderful Full Moon time!

Love & Peace,