Full Moon in Libra - Release Comparisons, Celebrate Beauty


The current Full Moon is in Libra - the sign of relationships, beauty and balance.

This Moon is also called the Pink Moon and is named after pink wild flowers (wild ground phlox), which bloom in early spring and become widespread throughout the U.S. around this time of year, according to Space.com.

Being in the 22° degree of Libra this Full Moon  especially influences our communication style and thoughts in regards to the relationships in our lives.

Full Moons help us to release what is meant to let go of. It happens on a subconscious level, so even when we're not aware of it, we are automatically going through a phase of release of some sort.

While Full Moons often bring about completion, it's also a great time to celebrate and be grateful for what is.

Release and Celebration are the main aspects of a Full Moon.

Release Relationships:

This Full Moon helps us with letting go or going with the flow of change in regards to our relationships.

Just this morning I dropped off my parents at the airport. They are now flying back to Germany after a 5-week visit. I already miss them and I definitely feel the change of intensity that our relationship has. From seeing them everyday (they lived with us), to seeing them once a week on Facetime - that's definitely a change in intensity for now.

This Full Moon helps us with releasing relationships - either physically or emotionally. When we let go of others, it does not mean that it is a goodbye forever. Whatever we let go, will come back when it is meant to.

Ask yourself if there are relationships in your life that no longer serve your Highest Good, relationships that are out of balance or that hinder growth.

Or maybe you're going through a similar time like me and you're meant to physically let go of certain people in your life, while on a soul level you still stay deeply connected.

Celebrate Relationships:

Like I said, the Full Moon is about release and/or celebration.

It's time to celebrate the relationships you have in your life, the support and love you receive, or the transformation and lessons. Either way, no one comes into our lives on accident, and the ones who stay have a specific mission and message in our lives.

It's time to celebrate them!

Release Comparison

This Full Moon might trigger something inside of you that makes you compare yourself to other people. While it is great to see others as inspiration, we must be aware that comparing ourselves to others on a constant basis is actually hindering us from progressing. This can go either way: we might have times where we think we're better than others or we feel like others are better than we are. If a situation like this comes up in your life, find ways to appreciate the other, no matter how you see yourself in comparison. If you feel jealous about something that someone else has or does, realize that there is something missing in your life that you need to find a way of fulfilling on your own - no one else can do it for you. If you feel like you're not good enough, remember that we're all on a journey, we all have struggles and challenges to overcome, that's what makes life exciting and fun. By appreciating the light that others send out, nothing is being taken away from us, instead we are adding to the light and therefore increasing our light.

In short, don't be shy to give out honest compliments.

Celebrate Beauty & Love

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Divine feminine, and it thrives in a peaceful, harmonious and beautiful environment. This might mean we are more drawn to art and beauty, we might want to avoid loud or aggressive situations, and we appreciate an harmonious environment around us. For example, clean up and re-organizing of our home, art appreciation of some sort (like going to a show, seeing a gallery, painting, dancing, etc.), or socializing with like-minded people. This Full Moon is all about receiving... letting yourself receive.

You deserve it.

Find time to meditate on or write down what you're ready to let go of. Celebrate the things you have.

Here's a list depending on your Sun and Rising sign on what you can additionally release or celebrate on this Full Moon in Libra.

For a more specific reading, contact me here.

Aries Relationships, Dependency, Need for Approval & Admiration Relationships, Love, Marriage, Business Partners, Advice from Others
Taurus Workaholism, Self-Destructive Habits, Criticism Being of Service to others, Daily Routines, Health
Gemini Need for constant entertainment, need to be center of attention, love affairs Love & Romance, Creativity, Children, Play
Cancer Chaos at home, Fear to shine your light, Fear of nurturing Home & Family, Sacred Space, Intuition, Self-Love
Leo Fear of sharing thoughts, writer’s block, fear of socializing Siblings, Immediate Environment, Knowledge
Virgo Self-Doubt, Not feeling worthy, negative feelings about money Talents, Possessions, Traditions
Libra Arrogance, Obsession with oneself, Feelings of Superiority Taking charge, leadership, your personality
Scorpio Shadow Sides, Victimhood, Secret Enemies, Health Issues Psychic Abilities, Being of Service to others, Trust in the Divine, Healing
Sagittarius World Views that hinder you from love, what society expects you to do, friends or community that no longer serve your Highest Good Friends & Community, Science, Out-of-the Box thinking, Authenticity
Capricorn Over-Responsibility, Over-Planning, Over-Thinking, Rigidness Career, Ambition, Connections, Being in Public
Aquarius Belief System that no longer serves your Highest Good, the need to be right, Restlessness Nature, Spirituality, Travel, Mother Earth
Pisces Shadow Sides, fear of death, fear of letting go, fear of sharing space Support from others, transformation, soul sex, psychic abilities


Comment below if you have any notes or questions about this beautiful Pink Moon.

Have a wonderful Full Moon time!

Love & Peace,