The Metaphysical Meaning of Easter


EASTER - a holiday celebrated worldwide throughout the Christian Tradition. But what does this time mean for us in our everyday lives?

First, let's see where the tradition of Easter comes from. The Easter bunny, the eggs, the flowers... even the name... all derives from Ostara. Ostara was a Goddess, an energy celebrated during Spring Equinox, when day and night are of equal length and the time begins when the days are longer than the nights.

When the flowers are blooming, the birds are nesting, and Mother Earth is awakening from her sleep (at least on this side of the equator).

The Easter bunny shows the fertility, the eggs illustrate the new beginning. Spring Equinox around March 21st is the beginning of the New Astrological Year, the beginning of Aries and Spring and has been celebrated throughout all ancient cultures.

The photo above shows the pyramid of Chichen Itza in Mexico, that is aligned in the exact way so that on Spring Equinox the sun creates a snake light body coming down from the top to the bottom.

When the Christian religion took over, this concept of joy, hope and new beginning has then been transferred  onto one of the most important events of the Christian belief:

The Resurrection of Jesus

And with no doubt that's something to celebrate.

Now I must say, I'm not for nor against any religion. The problem with any religion is that it is man made. Every religion has its faults because they are operated by people - and not everyone has their ego under control. So corruption is very common. And nothing surprising. But the point is...

The core of every religion is the same:


Love beyond death.

And now, we’re back to Easter. Easter – the Christian holiday of celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus crossed over to the other realm and he came back, he showed himself to Mary Magdalene and to his friends, the disciples. He taught them that life goes on after death, that death is not the end, but merely a transformation, a soul liberation.

That’s what we’re celebrating during Easter.

Almost two weeks ago, I accompanied our cat friend Oreo to cross over into the spiritual realm. He suddenly got really sick, and it ended up going very fast. A few days of nurture and care and then came the day.

Within me I knew that he will die on Half Moon. Half Moons, especially First Quarter Moons (the Half Moons after New Moons) are providing us with challenges to overcome. And indeed, a challenge it was.

Seeing his body slowly becoming weaker and weaker... I called in the angels and spirit guides to assist him on his journey out of his body and into the spiritual realm of unconditional love and infinite freedom. I told him about how beautiful it is to leave one’s body. I told him that it was ok to leave. He looked at me with so much love and appreciation. And I feel so honored that he has chosen me to be by his side during his sacred passage from this physical realm into the spiritual realm.

His best friend, Sharon, who is my mother-in-law, and who has crossed over a few years ago, was with us. I could feel her. I told him that she is waiting for him, she came to pick him up. Oh I cried so much. I cried because I saw his body dying, and I cried because I felt the beauty and unconditional love of spirit beings all around us, this moment of him crossing over, of his soul leaving his body… it was intense.. intensely sad, and intensely beautiful at the same time.

I am so thankful that I was there, holding his paw, petting his fur. Giving him love and healing, understanding that everything will be ok. He was my baby.

After my mother-in-law crossed over, we took him into our family and we loved him like one of our babies. I miss his physical body, I miss him sitting on top of my belly, purring so loudly that even Emma noticed him (my unborn baby). But I also know that he is free, he is happy now.

At Brian Weiss’ workshop of Past Life regression last week I went into hypnosis and I was standing in my backyard. I saw Oreo lying in the grass, enjoying the sunny day, and Sharon sitting right next to him, petting him and smiling. It was so peaceful and I know that both of them are happy, unconditionally loved, and free. And they always surround us with their love.

During Oreo's last hour on Earth the sky darkened, it started raining and it was stormy. The moment he crossed over, the clouds disappeared and the sun came out again, shining brightly full of joy.

That’s what Easter is about.

Realizing that death is not the end. It is merely a transformation. We are infinite beings. Only our bodies die, only the vehicle that we use for this lifetime dies, but we never die. We are infinite souls. We are souls having a human experience. And when we leave our bodies, it’s not the end but the beginning of a new journey.

We are dying many times, even within one lifetime. We are shedding our old skin, and are being reborn. This is another symbol of Easter - The Rebirth and Resurrection of our TRUE SELF within.

During this Easter time think about what got you here, how you’ve transformed. You’ve come a long way! Allow yourself to be reborn and reawake parts within yourself that have been slumbering.

Take some time to think of your loved ones who have crossed over. Invite them into your life. They are so thankful for any acknowledgement that they are still alive. Find time to be still, to listen. Sometimes you can feel a warmth surrounding your heart, sometimes you smell a familiar scent... other times you see a feather, or remember something beautiful. These are all signs that your loved one is close to you. And even if you don't feel anything, they still are. All we need to do is attune ourselves to their higher vibration and the more we do that, the more we feel that our physical world is not separated from the spiritual realm. Instead they are interconnected.

And remember the metaphysical message of Easter:

Just like Nature and Jesus are resurrected, so can you awaken new parts within yourself that are ready to blossom and shine.

Happy Easter!

Love and Peace,