Full Moon in Scorpio - Release & Dive In Deeply


We are now at the half of our Taurus Moon cycle during the Moon in Scorpio which will be full exactly on 5/10 at 2:42 PM PST in 20° Scorpio.

What a powerful Full Moon! Scorpio’s energy in itself is all about release and transformation, diving deeply into our subconscious, facing our fears head-on and following our true passions.

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign and it celebrates the Love of the Soul, Emotions and Endings.

We're meant to dive deeply into our subconscious.

And release the things that are meant to come to an end.

This is the time to let go of anything that no longer serves our Highest Good, or to grow deeper roots into our subconscious. The Full Moon will be in the decan of the Moon, making this even more about our emotions, habits, subconscious feelings, mother, inner child, children, birth, and the deepest needs of our soul.

Remember what your intentions were on Taurus New Moon? Which seeds did you plant? If you haven’t consciously set any intentions, see if something in that area happened anyway.

Here is the article about the Taurus New Moon.

I highly recommend using a Moon Diary to write down your thoughts & feelings during every Moon phase. It helps tremendously to find your own pattern, to keep track with your manifestation skills and to realize how everything unfolds itself in the way it is meant to (which is such a peaceful thought and feeling to have).

Scorpio reminds us to not be afraid to face our deepest emotions.

New Age Spirituality quotes like "Stay positive", "focus on the light", are sometimes misleading. When we only focus on being positive, we ignore our shadows and that feeds them even more.

Shadow Work is very important in the spiritual realm.

Whatever you subconsciously hold inside of you, is being manifested into your reality, even though you might not consciously want it.

If you feel like you have manifested a complicated person, a challenging event, a dis-ease in your life, ask yourself what the underlying fear is. When you dive deeply into your subconscious and find out what it is you're scared of, you can face that fear head-on and then rise above it and release the effect from your life. And in the end, align your subconscious with your consciousness and manifest the things you truly want into your life.

If you're interested in doing some shadow work, I'm happy to help you with it.

Just contact me here for a shadow work report reading.

How to use this Full Moon for your Highest Good:

Check your Sun and Rising Sign to see what you’re specifically meant to transform, dive deeply into, celebrate or let go (or all of the above):

Your Sun/

Rising Sign

Aries Fear of change, fear of death, fear of letting go, fear of sharing space & possessions, fear of intimacy Support from others, transformation, soul connections, psychic abilities, deep emotions
Taurus  Over-dependency, Need for Approval & Admiration, Comparing yourself with others,  Fear of socializing, fear of compromises Relationships, Love, Marriage, Business Partners, Cooperating with others, Supporting others, Being a team player
Gemini Workaholism, Self-Destructive Habits, Criticism, Dis-ease, Stress, Judgments, Over-Thinking Being of Service to others, daily healthy routines, your own healing abilities, doing rituals, working out, celebrating work
Cancer Need for constant entertainment, need to be center of attention, childish behavior, dramas, laziness, feeling superior/inferior towards others  Love & Romance, creative projects, children, play time, shining your light, inspiring others
Leo  The Past, negative energies at home or in the family, Fear of nurturing, Fear of giving birth (to a child or a project), Fear of endings, fear of motherhood, Home & Family, Ancestors, Sacred Space, Trusting your Intuition, Practicing Self-Love, Emotional Support
Virgo Fear of sharing thoughts, fear of socializing, fear of learning and experimenting, gossiping, superficiality, fear of making mistakes Siblings, Neighbors, Running Errands, Short Trips, Connecting to your Environment,  Increasing and Sharing your Knowledge, Writing
Libra Self-Doubt, Not feeling worthy, negative feelings about money, fear of using your talents Celebrate your talents, traditions, patience, strength, being grateful for what you have
Scorpio Arrogance, Obsession with oneself, Feelings of Superiority/Inferiority, Anger, fear of beginnings, hatred towards body and the world Celebrate taking charge, being in  a position of leadership, your personality & body, a new outlook in life
Sagittarius Feelings of being a victim, Subconscious Suffering, Health Issues, addictions, escapism, fear of spirituality/meditation Psychic Abilities, Being of Service to others, Meditations, Trusting in the Divine, Healing, Unconditional Love, Relaxation
Capricorn Outdated world views, ideals, or wishes for the future, friends or community that no longer serve your Highest Good Friends & Community, Your ideas, Thinking outside of the box, Being authentic, Embracing your Uniqueness, Doing charity work
Aquarius Over-Responsibility, Over-Planning, Over-Thinking, Rigidness, Workaholism, Need for being in control, guilt, fear of being wrong Your career and public image, Responsibilities, putting your dreams into action, taking leadership
Pisces Belief System that no longer serves your Highest Good, the need to be right, Restlessness, Self-Righteousness, Dogma Nature & Mother Earth, animals, deepening your Spirituality, Travel, Visions, Your Mission in Life

Choose from the list above what you're drawn to release and transform. Write it all down on a piece of paper and finish it saying something like, "and so it is" to seal the deal. You can also burn that paper afterwards (please be safe!).

Then check the list on what you're meant to celebrate. Practice gratitude for these things in your life and you will see how everything you deeply desire falls into place at the right time.

Wishing you a wonderful Full Moon in Scorpio,

Love & Peace,