New Moon Cycle in Gemini - Getting out of our Comfort Zone


On Thursday, May 25th 2017 at 1:45 PM PT a New Moon cycle began in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is a mutable air sign. Air is the element of the mind - symbolizing thoughts, communication and relationships. Being a mutable air sign, the energy of Gemini thrives on information exchange, in whatever way possible, either learning, teaching, sharing, traveling, experimenting, story telling - anything that stimulates the mind and is entertaining.

The New Moon cycle in Gemini gives us the chance to manifest new ways of movement and communications - the way we connect with others, how we share our thoughts and ideas, how we move around, what we learn and take in as part of our personality.

People with strong Gemini energy are great communicators and can connect with people of all kind. Gemini is known as the Twins - and has the ability to display different personalities, therefore adjust themselves to whoever they are talking to. This helps connecting with others, realizing that there is always at least one thing that we have in common with every person in the world. (Geminis just need to be aware to stay true to themselves and not change their stories or personalities depending on who they are talking to).

During New Moons, also called Dark Moons, the night sky is completely dark and we can see the stars. It invites us to reflect on our life and think about what we'd like to manifest or what is meant to be manifested in the upcoming month.

This Gemini Moon cycle might make us start feeling restless, a feeling of wanderlust, a need for entertainment or a drive for versatility.

We're coming out of the Taurus Moon Cycle, a cycle of patience, smelling the roses and taking it slow (here is the blog post about it).

With the New Moon in Gemini it is now time to step out of our comfort zone, experiment, switch up the routine, connect with others and get things moving.

But before we move on, let's reflect on the last Taurus Moon cycle and see what we have learned.

Reflection on the last Moon cycle:

Think about the past month starting April 27th until now, and ask yourself the following questions:


1. What did I feel grateful for?

2. Did I take my time and was I able to let other people take their time?

3. Did I connect with Mother Earth and trust my body?

4. What routines did I establish?

5. How did I handle money?


Write down your answers and reflect on what opportunities came into your life  and what you were able to implement.


Here is an example of my reflection:

What did I feel grateful for?

This is my response:

There are so many things I'm grateful for but the Number 1 thing for this past Taurus Moon cycle is that I gave birth to my healthy baby girl at home in an atmosphere of pure love while embracing my soulmate.


Did I take my time and was I able to let other people take their time?

This is my response:

In the last weeks of pregnancy I was really eager to welcome my little one into this world. I kept asking her during meditations, when are you going to come? I asked my tarot cards and I kept getting the LOVERS card, the number 6 (turns out that will be her numerology life path). At the moment I didn't know what it meant, the LOVERS card is also connected with Gemini. Then I asked about how she is feeling and I got the message that she feels pushed and restricted by me to come and that she needs time. And that's when I realized, this is part of the Taurus Moon cycle, I am meant to learn patience, I am meant to learn to take my time and to let other people take their time. That evening I went to my husband and told him about the reading. I said to him, I give Emma time to come whenever she wants to. I trust her that she knows when the right time is.

That night, my water broke.


Did I connect with Mother Earth and trust my body?

This is my response:

Giving birth at home connected me to my inner warrior and I realized the magical strength of the female body. I completely surrendered into the moment and trusted my body that she knows what she's doing. I channeled my inner wild animal and warrior mother goddess.


After we reflected on this past Taurus Moon cycle, we are now ready to embark on a new journey through the Gemini Moon cycle.

Here are some ways to truly experience this cycle for your Highest Good:

How to ride the wave of the Gemini Moon cycle:

Experience life in the moment.

Express yourself and share your stories.

Expand your mind.

Be aware of your thoughts.

Take (spontaneous/short) trips.

(Re-)Connect with others

What are you meant to manifest during this Gemini Moon cycle?

Check your Sun and Rising sign and see what intentions you are meant to set during this cycle and what you are especially meant to be aware of:

Your Sun/Rising Sign




Fear of sharing thoughts, fear of socializing, fear of learning and experimenting

Bonding with Siblings, Making Short Trips, Connecting to your Environment,  Increasing and Sharing your Knowledge


Self-Doubt, Not feeling worthy, negative feelings about money

Finding new talents, bringing in wealth, establishing traditions, Patience, Strength


Arrogance, Obsession with oneself, Feelings of Superiority

Taking charge, leadership, re-defining your personality, creating a new outlook in life


Feelings of being a victim, Subconscious Suffering, Health Issues

Increasing Psychic Abilities, Being of Service to others, Trusting in the Divine, Healing


World Views that hinder you from unconditional love,  friends or community that no longer serve your Highest Good

Making new Friends & Finding your Tribe, Thinking outside of the box, Being authentic, Embracing your Uniqueness, Doing charity work


Over-Responsibility, Over-Planning, Over-Thinking, Rigidness

Creating a new step in your career, Putting your dreams into action, Making Connections (especially business), Reviving your Public Image


Belief System that no longer serves your Highest Good, the need to be right, Restlessness, Self-Righteousness

Connecting with Nature & Mother Earth, deepening Spirituality, Traveling


Shadow Sides, fear of death, fear of letting go, fear of sharing space & possessions

Bringing in support from others, beginning transformation, soul sex, psychic abilities


Over-dependency, Need for Approval & Admiration, Comparison,  Fear of socializing

Bringing in new Relationships or deepening the ones you have, Love, Marriage, Business Partners


Workaholism, Self-Destructive Habits, Criticism

Being of Service to others, Establishing new Daily Routines, Healing, Working out


Need for constant entertainment, need to be center of attention, childish behavior, laziness

Bringing in Love & Romance, Creative projects, Children, Play, Expressing your true self


Chaos at home, Fear of nurturing, Fear of giving birth, fear of showing emotions

Creating Home & Family, Sacred Space, Trusting your Intuition, Practicing Self-Love


I'm wishing you a wonderful New Moon in Gemini and lots of fun during this upcoming moon cycle.

Love and Peace,