Full Moon in Sagittarius - Release Negative Beliefs & Share your Truth


This Friday, June 9th 2017 at 6:09 AM PT, the Full Moon will be in 18 degrees  Sagittarius and therefore bring the peak of the Gemini Moon cycle which started May 25th.

Sagittarius is the energy of wisdom, higher knowledge, beliefs, philosophy, travel and adventures.

Being exactly opposite the Sun in Gemini, the energy of information exchange and communication, this Full Moon asks us to share our truth, beliefs, and philosophy, no matter what others think.

We all live by our own truth.

As soon as we approve something as true for ourselves, we manifest this reality into our life and we attract people and events who confirm that truth for us.

During this Full Moon in Sagittarius, it is time to release any beliefs and philosophies that are no longer serving your Highest Good.

Think about what you believe in. What do you believe about yourself? About your future? About your talents? About spirituality?

Do you believe that there is more to the world than the things we can measure? Or do you believe that the physical realm is all there is? How do your beliefs serve you? Are they making you feel confident, strong and initiative? Or are they blocking you, shrinking your true self, making you feel less worthy?

It's time to release what no longer serves your Highest Good.

Full Moons also remind us to celebrate.

With the Full Moon in Sagittarius we are drawn to celebrate in nature, in a spiritual setting or by traveling. Celebrate your truth and beliefs (that are helping you on your path), the way you see the world, your own philosophy about life, and your connection to spirit.

The Full Moon's Ruler Jupiter is turning direct at around the same time as the Full Moon occurs. This amplifies the possibility for you to release the old and expand into the new YOU - being open to sharing your truth and wisdom with others. Jupiter brings blessings to us, especially in the area in our chart where it turns direct (check where you have Libra in your birth chart).

See below what you are meant to release and celebrate according to your Sun and Rising sign:

Your Sun/

Rising Sign




Beliefs that no longer serves your Highest Good, the need to be right, Self-Righteousness, Dogma

Your connection with Nature & Mother Earth, Animals, your Spirituality, Travel, Visions, Your Mission in Life, Your Beliefs & Truth


Fear of change, fear of death, fear of letting go, fear of not being supported by others, fear of sharing space & possessions, fear of intimacy

Your transformations, others who are supporting you, soul connections, sex, money owed, your psychic abilities, your deep emotions


Over-dependency, Need for Approval & Admiration, Comparing yourself with others,  Fear of socializing, fear of compromises

Your Relationships, Love, Marriage, Business Partners, Cooperating with others, Supporting others, Being a team player


Workaholism, Self-Destructive Habits, Stressful work place, Fear of routine, Fear of Criticism, Fear of Dis-ease, Stress, Judgments, Over-Thinking

Being of Service to others, daily healthy routines, your own healing abilities, doing rituals, working out, your work place


Need for constant entertainment, need to be center of attention, childish behavior, dramas, laziness, feeling superior/inferior towards others, fear of having fun, fear of shining your light & celebrating

Your Love & Romance, creative projects, children, play time, shining your light, inspiring others, expressing yourself, having fun


The Past, negative energies at home or in the family, Fear of nurturing, Fear of giving birth (to a child or a project), Fear of endings, fear of motherhood

Your Home & Family, Ancestors, Sacred Space, Trusting your Intuition, Practicing Self-Love, Emotional Support


Fear of sharing thoughts, fear of socializing, fear of learning and experimenting, gossiping, superficiality, fear of making mistakes

Siblings, Neighbors, Running Errands, Short Trips, Connecting to your Environment,  Increasing and Sharing your Knowledge, Writing


Self-Doubt, Not feeling worthy, negative feelings about money, fear of using your talents, fear about financial freedom, fear about stability

Celebrate your talents, traditions, patience, strength, being grateful for what you have


Negative beliefs you have about yourself and your body,  Feelings of Superiority/Inferiority, Anger, fear of beginnings, masks

Celebrate your personality & body, taking charge, being in  a position of leadership, presenting yourself to the world


Feelings of being a victim, Subconscious Suffering, Health Issues, addictions, escapism, fear of spirituality/meditation

Your Psychic Abilities, Being of Service to others, Meditations, Trusting in the Divine, Healing, Unconditional Love, Relaxation


Outdated world views, ideals, or beliefs about the future, friends or community that no longer serve your Highest Good

Your Friends & Community, Your ideas, Thinking outside of the box, Being authentic, Embracing your Uniqueness, Doing charity work


Over-Responsibility, Over-Planning, Over-Thinking, Rigidness, Workaholism, Need for being in control, guilt, fear of being wrong

Your career and public image, Responsibilities, putting your dreams into action, taking leadership, your calling

I'm wishing you a wonderful Full Moon in Sagittarius,

Love & Peace,