New Moon in Leo - Roar Out Loud

This Sunday morning at 2:45 AM the Leo New Moon cycle has officially begun. How exciting! This New Moon is conjunct Mars in 0 degree Leo. The 0 degree brings an extra emphasis on new beginnings and the energy of Mars amplifies it with passion and a call to action.

The Leo New Moon cycle is all about embracing ourselves, realizing how special we are. No one person is born with the "wrong" set of talents. We all have talents that help us on our unique path. These talents might not fit the mold of what other people want you to be and do, it might not conform with society, there might not be a job yet that needs your talents. But don't let that bring you down. When there is no use for your talents yet, create one.

You have your talents for a special reason and you are meant to embrace yourself, with all your strengths and shine your light into the world.

The world needs you.


Everyone has their unique talents that no one else can bring onto the table.

You might think you have talents that a lot of other people have as well, but it is not the talent itself, rather the combination of your talents that makes you unique. Your body, your mind, your soul and your spirit all bring a unique part into your life. This is where astrology comes in handy. Your special combination of strengths and talents can be found in your birth chart.


By being yourself you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.

With my Descendant in Leo, I can easily see the "specialness" in other people but it was hard for me to see my own "specialness". As a child I knew I was different, but instead of embracing it as being special, I hid it and buried my weirdness within me in order to try to fit into the mold that society wants me to be in. Throughout these last five years I have been peeling off layers and layers of that wall that I built around my 'weirdness' and I have started to embrace it more and more. It is part of my journey to do so and to help others embrace their "specialness".

This New Moon is a new beginning...

it is time to embrace our true selves more fully, to shine our lights even brighter, to live our truths and walk our talks. Leo is the energy of creativity, fun, romance, children, sports, entertainment...

It is easy to dismiss one's talents.

I have read this a few days ago (unfortunately I forgot where). It was something about how it is hard for most people to sing, because they are afraid that their voice is not good enough and they are not singers. It then said, that since the beginning of recording, all we hear is the best take of hundreds of tries of the artist and singer. So we really have to wonder: the celebrities, the artists, the athletes, the business owners... most of the time we only see the success, not the struggle behind it. Not the tries, the failures. What made them successful is that they didn't stop believing in themselves and they kept shining their light in their own unique way, their own specialness.


When you embrace your talents you are polishing them, refining them, and making use of them. You are meant to use all your talents in this lifetime, not one talent is meant to be hidden away.


There is a story in the bible about talents, it's called the Parable of the Talents.

It's basically a story about a man who went on a trip. He had three servants and he gave each one of them talents depending on their abilities (a talent was a currency back then). One servant he gave five talents, another one three talents, and one got one talent. The one with the five talents went out into the world and traded, gaining five more talents when he went back home. The one with the two talents did the same, he used these two talents to his greatest ability and made two more talents. But the one with the one talent was afraid and he dug a hole and hid the talent in the ground. When the man came back from his trip, the servants gave him their talents back. The man was happy with the first two and gave them even more. The one with the one talent came and said, that he didn't want to change the talent that the man gave him so he was afraid to use it. The man ended up being mad and told him that he missed the whole point, and that he should have used the talent that he gave him.

So, considering when this was written and to who it was written, it needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

However, the basic principle of it is:

Everyone of us got talents. And we are meant to use them.


Life is so much more fun when we find ways to implement all our talents. And on our journey we will discover even more talents that we didn't even know we had - which leads us to having more talents at the end of the lifetime than we were born with and we created a greater version of ourselves.

This moonth create, play, be courageous, stand out and have fun!

Remember this: You are stronger than you think you are. The true you is infinite.



With the beginning of the Leo Moon Cycle, the Cancer Moon Cycle has come to an end.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and see how the Cancer Moon cycle has affected your life:


1.) In what ways did you nurture yourself?

2.) In what ways did you nurture others?

3.) What did your intuition tell you and did you trust it?

4.) Where did your soul (inner voice) lead you?

5.) How did you protect yourself and your loved ones?

6.) How did you connect with your past?


Check out the Cancer Moon article to see what energies in what area you were meant to implement during this cycle.


What are you meant to manifest during this Leo Moon Cycle?


Check your Sun and Rising sign and see what intentions you are meant to set during this cycle and what you are especially meant to be aware of:

If you feel most of the energies in the middle column (be aware of), consider changing your focus to the right side and bring more of that energy into your life for a smooth universal flow.


Aries Fear of expressing yourself, Creativity Block, Fear of taking time out to play and have fun, Feelings of unworthiness, Fear of celebrating yourself, Fear of admitting mistakes, Creating dramas, Fear of children, Old Love Affairs Your Creative Projects, Children, Romantic Getaways & Dates, Gambling, Playing Sports, Going to Concerts, Arts & Entertainment, Shining your Light, Being on Stage, Bringing fun and play into your life
Taurus Fear of pregnancy, Fear of being a mother, Family conflicts, Fear of settling down, Fear of Endings, Negative Judgments of your inner child, Fear of loving yourself Motherhood, Pregnancy, Home, Family, Baby, Connection to your Roots & Ancestors, Connection to your Inner Voice, Embracing your inner self - the way you were as an innocent child (before the adulting began).
Gemini Gossiping, Information Overload, (Social) Media Addiction, Writer’s Block, Fear of Studying, Communication Problems, Struggles with Siblings/Neighbors, Fear of Not Knowing, Overthinking, Fear of Socializing Connection to siblings/neighbors, Spontaneous/Short Trips, Your Communication Skills, Social Skills, Learning Abilities, Embracing your Intellect & Ideas
Cancer   Old Traditions that no longer serve your Highest Good, Possessions that don’t bring you joy anymore, Financial Struggles, Thoughts about Money that are blocking your flow of abundance, a business that is no longer flourishing, Not feeling worthy, Impatience  Your Own Business, Your Own House, Possessions that make you feel good, Your Talents, Money, Values, Strength
Leo Fear of taking action, Negative Thoughts about yourself, Masks that are hiding your true self, Fear of new beginnings, Fear of confrontation, Anger Issues, Fear of going out, Competition New beginnings, Embracing Your Personality, Style, Body, Your Courage, Your Power, Your Passion, The way you see yourself and the world
Chaos, Subconscious Habits that are holding you back, Feeling like a victim, Suffering (having pain does not mean suffering), Illnesses, Karma, Hiding your shadows
Connection to Spirit World, Lucid Dreaming, Surrendering to the Flow, Your Psychic Abilities, Your Healing Abilities, Your Past Lives, Retreats, Prisons & Healing Facilities, Connection to Wild Nature & Wild Animals
Libra Toxic Friends, Communities that are no longer serving your Highest Good, Fear of being different, Fear of the Future, Fear of Aliens, Fear of Technology Your Weirdness, Friendships, Community, Charity Work, Your Innovations, Teamwork Abilities, The Money you made from your Career, Your Connection to the Universe, Your Understanding of Science/Technology
Scorpio Workaholism (extreme focus on work), Fear of shining in Public,  Fear of following your Calling, Public Image that no longer serves you, Fear of losing Reputation/Power, Fear of Authorities, Fear of Responsibilities Career, Fatherhood (for men), Public Image, Your Response-Ability (with great responsibility comes great power), Leadership Skills, Your Contribution to Society
Sagittarius Old Beliefs about yourself and the World that no longer serve your Highest Good (paradigm shift!), Fear of diving into Spiritual Experiences Travelling, Connection with Mother Earth and Large Animals (Companions who help you on your journey), Spiritual Connection, Astral Travel
Capricorn Fear of Expressing yourself through Sex, Fear of Sharing space, money and possessions with others, Fear of Magic, Debts, Ways of manipulating others that are pleasing your ego (power games), Fear of Death/Transformation Deep soul connections, Occult knowledge (like astrology), Magic, Support from others, Investments, Spiritual Soul Sex (Tantra), Kundalini Rising, Transformation
Aquarius Toxic Relationships, Fear of Breaking Up, Fear of making Compromises, Fear of team work, Problems with the law, Fear of Haters, Fear of being unpopular, Co-dependency, Seeking approval Loving Relationships, Counseling others, Being a guide for others, Liberating Break Up from toxic relationship(s), Your Popularity, Cooperating with others, Uniting
Pisces Perfectionism, Fear of Diseases, Disorganization,  Not Taking Care of Oneself (diet, working out, rest), Fear of Routines, Negative Judgments, Job that no longer serves your Highest Good, Giving Unsolicited Advice, Fear of animal companions (“pets”), Worries, Fear of not being busy Being of service, Facilitating Rituals, Efficient Daily Routine, Care for your body (what you put in and onto your body), Your Workouts, Your Diet, Self-Improvement, Animal Companions


I'm wishing you a wonderful creative, playful Leo Moon cycle and Happy Solar Return to all Leo's!

Love and Peace,