Ceres Retrograde - A Journey of Self-Love

On December 17th, 2017 the asteroid Ceres starts her retrograde journey until March 19th, 2018. 

This time asks us to go within and nourish ourselves.

It is a time of SELF-LOVE and asking ourselves how we love and value others around us (including animals and plants).



Ceres is the Roman version of the Greek Goddess Demeter. 

The story of Ceres is that of a nurturing Earth Mother who takes care of the land (ceres = cereal), and gives nourishment to the people, animals and plants.


One day, Pluto kidnaps her beautiful daughter Persephone and from that day on Ceres is in deep grief. She doesn't care about her crops anymore, the harvest doesn't matter. Only bringing her daughter back into her world is what mattered to Ceres. She searched for her but couldn't find her.



On her journey, she met other children who she helped raise and nourish. Meanwhile the crops died, the grass dried out, and the seeds went to sleep. Jupiter saw how the people would starve if Ceres didn't take care of the land anymore so he tried to cheer her up but he failed, so he sent Mercury to Pluto to ask him if he could release Ceres' daughter.

When Persephone heard about her mother she got so excited and Pluto just couldn't hold her back but he still asked her to try one of his pomegranates from the underworld, and she ate four seeds before she jumped on Mercury's chariot and went back to her mother.

Demeter and Persephone


Ceres was so happy to see her daughter again, no more mourning in the shadows for her! Persephone told her everything that happened, how Pluto kidnapped her and Ceres asked her if she ate a fruit from the underworld and she said, she ate four seeds of the pomegranate. So that was a problem because apparently if you ate something from the underworld you are of that world and have to live there (Pluto tricked her!).

So Ceres made a deal with Pluto that her daughter stays with her for eight months of the year and for four months (like the four seeds) she goes back into the underworld to Pluto. In the end, Ceres went back to the land, nourished it and the seeds blossomed again while her daughter was with her, and the time where her daughter was in the underworld, Ceres would wait for her in the shadows, and the land would be asleep. This happens during winter, and then at spring equinox, Ceres's daughter comes back, she's happy again and the seeds are growing into healthy plants that nourish the people and animals.

Ceres and Proserpine


So, this is the short version of the story, for more details see here

But what does this story tell us and how can we relate this to our personal life?

Ceres' energy is that of mothering, nurturing, nourishing, growing, protecting, as well as grieving and letting go. 



Retrograde planets make us look within, so Ceres Retrograde asks us to go within and nurture our inner child, nourish our creations, grow and expand, protect our values.

It also asks us to reflect on whether we still hold grief in our hearts.

Grief is an important emotion after the loss of a loved one, and it is necessary to go through grief in order to let out those emotions (otherwise dis-ease develops). However, there is no real loss. Nothing is ever lost, since we are infinite beings. Death is not an ending.

No goodbye is forever.

We will see each other again, just like Ceres saw her daughter again. But she had to come to terms with it that she will have to let go of her, she will have to surrender to what is meant to happen... Grief is helpful as long as we go through it, and not get stuck in it by holding it back from coming through.

Ceres Retrograde asks us to reflect on whether we are still (with)holding grief about a loss, death, break up, change, something that didn't work out how we expected it... and reflect on whether it is time to honor that grief in order for happiness to return.  


Ceres functions as the energetic umbilical cord transmitting life-sustaining nourishment to us.

See here how you are meant to nourish yourself according to your Sun and Rising Sign:



Nourish yourself by...


creating art

doing sports

following your hobbies


falling in love with yourself

connecting with children




Nourish yourself by...

connecting with your roots & ancestors

creating a sacred space for yourself

feeling at home within

accepting endings


spending time with family

honoring your emotions

setting healthy boundaries




Nourish yourself by...

talking lovingly to yourself

using positive affirmations




sharing ideas

making short trips

creating networks 




Nourish yourself in the area of...

valuing yourself

trusting in your strength & talents

going shopping ;)

enjoying your possessions

eating good food

pampering yourself

smelling the roses

giving yourself time




Nourish yourself by...

healing your body

loving your physical appearance

enjoying your personality

shining your light

going after what you want

being active




Nourish yourself by...

healing your soul

connecting with spirit & nature

spending time in solitude


studying the occult

surrendering to the divine through unconditional love

trusting and letting go


honoring your grief

extending love and assistance to those in need




Nourish yourself by...

connecting with friends

finding your tribe

giving birth to humanitarian visions and ideals

joining group activities

imagining your future

developing social consciousness


expanding your mind

embracing your unique self




Nourish yourself by...

providing for yourself

embracing your career

following your calling

being proud of your achievements

fulfilling your responsibilties

owning your powers

taking leadership




Nourish yourself by...

connecting with nature

going on adventures


connecting with spirituality

pursuing knowledge & freedom

speaking your truth

learning about other cultures/languages

seeking meaning & understanding

embracing your inner wild woman/man




Nourish yourself by...

connecting with others on a deep emotional (soul) level

making peace with death

letting go


facing your fears

embracing your shadows

sharing your deepest desires

studying the occult

diving into the unknown

embracing your sexiness




Nourish yourself by..


creating equality in your relationships

making peace

surrounding yourself with beauty & harmony

feeling loved

seeing others as a projection of yourself and therefore learn about yourself




Nourish yourself by..

eating nutritiously

working out


taking adequate rest from work

taking care of your health

taking your own advice

connecting with animal friends



I'm wishing you all a wonderful self-loving, nourishing and healing Ceres Retrograde time.

Contact me if you have any questions.


Peace and Love,



P.S. Here is some information about Ceres, the asteroid or protoplanet:




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