Full Moon in Virgo - Soften Judgments & Surrender to the Flow

This Sunday, March 1st at 4:51 PM PT the Full Moon is in Virgo. This Moon is also called the Worm Moon in the Native American tradition since it marks the time where the "ground begins to soften enough for earthworm casts to reappear, inviting the return of robins and migrating birds. Roots start to push their way up through the soil, and the Earth experiences a re-birth as it awakens from its winter slumber" (The Old Farmer's Almanac). This is the last Full Moon before the astrological new year starts on March 20th when the Sun goes into Aries.



What does this mean on a metaphysical level?

Virgo is the archetype of the Helper and the sign's greatest strength is her keen eye for detail which assists her in pinpointing exactly what needs to be fixed in order to improve a situation, a business, a person's health, a design, etc. That's why an imbalance in Virgo's energies can lead to an extreme way of black-and-white thinking, a strict distinction between good or bad, and right or wrong.

With the Sun being in Pisces, the exact opposite sign, this Thursday's Full Moon brings about a reflection of Pisces' light of unconditional love into Virgo's black-and-white world.

Full Moons are about releasing what is no longer needed in our life, and this Full Moon teaches us to let go of judgments of what we consider right or wrong, good or bad, and soften them into the divine trust in the bigger picture of it all.


How does this Moon's energy affect us on a personal level?

Being opposite of Neptune, the planet of dreams, forgiveness and healing, as well as illusion, addiction, and confusion, this Full Moon gives us an extra challenge to find balance between perfectionism and chaos. 

Feelings of chaos, confusion, illusion, subconscious fears, addiction, or deceit may come up, especially brought to us by other people or situations. The more we try to control the details, the more lost we will feel. The advice is, to let go of judgments of what we think is right or wrong, good or bad, so that we can go with the flow and enjoy the moment. It is a good time to investigate what fear comes up, because it's likely that is something that is in our subconscious that comes to the surface in order for us to become aware of and heal it. 

The beauty of this Full Moon is a deeply spiritual connection, a dream-like surreal state of being. As long as we're ok with floating through life, adjusting to circumstances and surrendering to the unknown, these upcoming days can bring out our romantic, artistic and poetic side. 

This Full Moon brings to fruition/ending what we have started during New Moon two weeks ago, or on the New Moon in Virgo that happened on September 20th, 2017. Think back and ask yourself what happened in your life around that time and how it influences you now. 







This is the lesson that we are learning during this Full Moon in Virgo time:

Releasing our judgments about what is good or bad, no matter if we're judging ourselves, others or society, or anything... letting go of that fixed opinion that something has to happen as we imagine it otherwise it wouldn't be "good"... And as soon as we "let go and let god"... we're not only living a more balanced life but also our deepest wishes end up being fulfilled. If we find ourselves in feelings of martyrdom, thinking we need to suffer in order for others to be happy, then this Moon reminds us to use honest discernment about the situation or the person in our life that drains our energies, and realize that it is in our power to walk away or change our behavior if necessary. 

From a soul's perspective there is no right or wrong. We as souls incarnated into a physical body in order to experience this world - like an avatar in a computer game. Nothing is really good or bad for the soul because everything is a potential for growth.

Embracing our discernment of seeing a situation as it is, but letting go of what we  think it should be. 

There is a buddhist quote stating:

"If you wish to see the truth then hold no opinions for or against anything. To set up what you like against what you dislike is the disease of the mind. [...] Live neither in the entanglements of outer things, nor in inner feelings of emptiness. Be serene in the oneness of things. [...] When you try to stop activity by passivity your very effort fills you with activity. As long as you remain in one extreme or the other you will never know Oneness. To live in the Great Way is neither easy nor difficult. But those with limited views are fearful and irresolute: the faster they hurry, the slower they go. And clinging cannot be limited. Even to be attached to the idea of enlightenment is to go astray. Just let things be in their own way and there will be neither coming or going. Obey they nature of things (your own nature) and you will walk freely and undisturbed."


What do to for this Full Moon in Virgo?


Become aware of what kinds of judgments and subconscious behavior you make throughout the day. Ask yourself if these judgments and behaviors are empowering you or are helping you to unconditionally love yourself and others. Try to soften your judgments, let go of old thought patterns on how you thought things are supposed to be and see how your life changes. Create a sacred space for yourself where you can retreat into, feeling the spiritual connection to all there is. 

Check your birth chart to see in what area in your life you're especially meant to release judgments. This Full Moon is in 11 degree Virgo. See if it touches any of your natal planets in between 10 and 12 degrees. These planets and their position will show you what to release. If you have any questions in regards to this, contact me here.


Full Moon Ritual


Full Moons are not only for release but also for celebration. Whereas New Moons are a time to BE, Full Moons are a time to DO... Put your dreams into action, especially in regards to Virgo's energies:


  • DIET






Let the Full Moon's light fill your heart


How you can use this Full Moon's energies according to your Sun sign:





Criticism, Negative Judgments, Health problems, Disorganization, fear of not being good enough, Not Taking Care of Oneself (diet, working out, rest), Problems at Work or with Co-workers, Problems with animal companions (Pets), daily routines that no longer serve your highest good, fear of diseases/bacteria, old job, giving unsolicited advice, fear of not being busy, problems with aunt/uncle



Supportive Work environment, Work opportunities, Being of service, your eye for detail, your nutrition/workout/daily routine, healthy diet, Practicing self-care, your ability to research & read, your health, your animal companions, your self-improvement, rituals, your aunt/uncle




Fear of expressing yourself creatively, playfully or romantically, fear of letting loose (why so serious?), creativity block, fear of taking time out to play, problems with children, feelings of unworthiness, self-centeredness, fear of celebrating yourself, creating dramas, old love affairs, gambling addictions, need to boast or be above others


Your special talents, your creative projects, your child(ren), your inner child, play time, romance, dates, playing sports, arts & entertainment, bringing fun and play into your life, the way you shine your light, being on stage, your hobbies, what you enjoyed doing when you were a child, the love you receive from others




Painful memories, fear of being a mother/nurturer, family conflicts, fear of endings, fear of loving yourself, fear of trusting your inner voice, fear of setting boundaries, fear of emotions & vulnerability, problems with the home, problems with father-in-law, baby, mother or the nurturing parent.



Healthy boundaries, your vulnerability, your nurturing abilities, self-love, motherhood, roots & ancestry, pregnancy, your baby, the past that brought you where you are now, home, sacred space, your inner child, father-in-law, your mother (or the nurturing parent), the Divine feminine within you




Harmful gossip, information overload, social media addiction, lies, writer's block, fear of studying, communication problems, struggles with siblings/neighbors, extreme focus on logic & intellect, overthinking, fear of socializing, superficial connections & knowledge, too much talking, doubts about your intellectual abilities, fussiness, distraction, confusion



Your Knowledge, Connection to siblings, neighbors & community, spontaneous short trips, your movements & flexibility, your communication skills, your social skills, learning abilities, your intellect and ideas, your students, listening, education




Old traditions & values that no longer serve your highest good, possessions that don't bring you joy anymore, financial struggles, thoughts about money that are blocking your flow of abundance, a business that is no longer flourishing, not feeling worthy, impatience, stubbornness, jealousy, doubts about your talents, narrow mindedness, possessiveness, procrastination



Being grateful for what you have, your possessions that make you feel good, your talents, your resourcefulness, your way of supporting yourself, your money, values, the strength of your body, your traditions, growing roots, settling down, stop and smell the roses, patience, the little things, your talents, Mother Earth, simplicity, minimalism





Fear of taking action, negative thoughts about yourself, masks that are hiding your true self, fear of new beginnings, fear of confrontation, anger issues, fear of going out, extreme competitiveness, fear of standing up for yourself, anything you say after I AM that is no longer serving your highest good, fear of being first, fear of being alone, fear of trying something new, fear of pioneering



New beginnings, your magical self, your unique style, your beautiful body, your courage and power, your passion, the way you see yourself and the world, your inner warrior




Subconscious Habits that are holding you back, addictions, feeling like a victim, suffering, illness, fear of the unknown, fear of going within, fear of being alone, fear of connecting with spirit guides, hiding your shadows, karma, chaos, fear of hidden enemies, fear/habits stemming from past lives, fear of doing shadow work, karmic attachments, ego attachment, fear of letting go and surrendering to the flow



Your connection to the spirit world, your dreams, surrendering to the universal flow, your psychic abilities, your healing abilities, past lives, retreats, your shadow parts, connection to nature and animals, oneness, your spirit guides, going with the flow




Toxic Friends & Community that are no longer on your wavelength, fear of being different/weird, fear of the future, fear of thinking outside-of-the-box, fear of technology, fear of not knowing, fear of expanding one's mind, problems with step children or son/daughter-in-law, need to be different at all costs, knowing-it-all, dark outlook for the future



Your imagination, your innovations, your weirdness, your friendships, community, social influence, money you made from career, equality, humanitarian efforts, your understanding of the bigger picture, social cause & community work, your contribution to society, your step children, your son/daughter-in-law, your future, your hopes and dreams




Workaholism, Burdens, Fear of shining in public, Fear of following your calling, Public Image that no longer serves you, Fear of losing Reputation, Fear of ridicule, Problems with Authorities/Government, Fear of Responsibilities, Rigidness, Fear of Owning your Power, Fear of being a Father/Provider, Fear of wasting time, Problems with mother-in-law, Problems with Father (or the authoritative parent)



Career, Fatherhood, Public Image, Response-Ability (with great responsibility comes great power), Leadership Skills, Influence, Your Ability to Provide, your Discipline, your Father (or the more authoritative parent), your Mother-in-law




Old beliefs about yourself and the world that no longer serve your highest good, fear of diving into spiritual experiences, dogma, fear of travel, fear of visions/angels, fear of wild nature, fear of higher knowledge, troubles with grandchildren or siblings of your partner, problems with teacher, fear of divination, need to be right at all costs, dogmatism



Traveling, Connection to Mother Earth and Large Animals, spiritual connection, Astral Travel, Visions, Your own Philosophy, Your Truth, Your Meaning of Life, Your Calling, Mind expansions, your adventures, your grandchildren, your brother/sister-in-law, your teachers




Fears in regards to sex & intimacy, merging together, marriage, fear of losing/giving away money & possessions, fear of death, transformation, change and new beginnings, fear of one's shadows, fear of missed opportunities, fear of loss, fear of losing control, obsessions, secrets, power games, depression, fear of magic, debts, fear of doing shadow work, fear of facing one's fears



Deep soul connections, occult knowledge, your magic, your secrets/shadows, magnetism, your sexiness, sacred sexuality (tantra), kundalini rising, investments, support from others, (financial) support from your partner, your partner's values & talents, the way you transformed





Troubles with relationships, fear of breaking up, fear of making compromises, fear of team work, fear of being depended on others, fear of asking for help, fear of being unpopular, seeking approval, co-dependency, abusive relationships, troubles with the law, imbalances, biases, inequality, feeling of being not enough, need to please others



Loving relationships, counseling others, help from others, being a cheerleader for others, popularity, cooperation, unity, peace, harmony, arts, justice, balance of feminine and masculine energies, your partner (even if you haven't met him/her yet), peace, harmony, art, beauty, your close friends



What are you celebrating during this Full Moon? What judgments/behaviors are you releasing?

I'm looking forward to hearing your story.

Have a wonderful Full Moon in Virgo time!

Love & Peace,