Venus Goes Retrograde

On October 5th, 2018, Venus will begin her retrograde journey through the sign of Scorpio back to Libra until November 16th when she turns direct again. This is a time of re-evaluation in regards to our relationships, values and finances.

Retrograde means that it seems like - from the viewpoint of Earth - that the planet is going backwards. Obviously that is not the case - we know that all planets in our solar system are orbiting the sun, however, in different speeds and that's where the apparent retrograde motion comes in.

Here's the beautiful pattern Venus makes from the point of view of Earth.

What does Venus in Retrograde mean on a metaphysical level?

Venus is the planet that governs relationships, harmony, peace, values, finances and creativity. It is the planet of the Divine Feminine. This period is especially important for us now since we are moving into the Age of Aquarius into the third Decan which is ruled by Venus. The Divine Feminine energy is resurfacing which we are noticing around the world.

Feminine energy is not restricted by gender - everyone has feminine and masculine energies inside, no matter of one's sexual organs.

Feminine energy is the energy of receiving, uniting, pulling... in science, it is magnetism. In spirituality, it is Yin. (Whereas the masculine energy Yang is giving, dividing, pushing).

When Venus goes retrograde, her energy is turned inward. We become reflective about our relationships, values, finances, the way we relate to others, and the existence of harmony and beauty in our life.

Venus will be moving from 10 degrees Scorpio back to 25 degrees Libra.

(for the astrology savvy, check your birth chart if you have any planets in between these degrees to see what lessons you are meant to re-learn or re-evaluate during this time).

Scorpio is the energy of intimacy and power, whereas Libra is the energy of balance and beauty. The theme of this Venus Retrograde is mostly about becoming aware of the influence we have on others, and others have on us and restore harmony.


During Venus Retrograde, things related to the energy of Venus come back for us to re-evaluate.


Relationships are a big factor in the Venus energy, since she governs our capability of giving and receiving love. Throughout her retrograde motion, problems in relationships (not just romantic ones) might re-surface that you thought were overcome. If that happens, don't be discouraged. Take it as a second chance to re-evaluate the lesson and realize that there is more to learn for you. What exactly you're meant to learn can be found in an astrology reading (if interested, contact me here).

Also, what might come up are Relationships from the past... ex-partners, friends or relatives who we haven't talked to for a while, etc. If that someone comes back into your life for whatever reason, don't freak out but embrace the opportunity to learn from that experience. You will be surprised how much you can learn about yourself when you see others as a mirror of your own (often subconscious) behaviors.

In general, it is recommend to avoid entering a new relationship during Venus Retrograde for the simple fact that you might be too inwardly focused right now to actually realize what you're getting yourself into. Be patient with it, take this time to re-evaluate your relationships and then when Venus is back direct you go for whatever your heart desires.

Lesson from Venus Retrograde:

You have the control over the dynamic of your relationships. Whatever you send out, you attract. And if you send out an imbalance in some form, let's say an overly "submissive" attitude, you will attract someone who will react to you on the opposite side of the balance scale, in an overly "dominant" way. Understand that if you become more assertive about your own needs (become more "dominant"), the other person will adjust their behavior. Nature always finds ways to balance things out. When we notice an imbalance in our relationships, we need to balance ourselves first and then it will automatically affect our surroundings.

And that leads us to the next point.



The most important relationship that we're meant to re-evaluate during this Venus Retrograde time is the relationship to our own self. Self-love is the ability to unconditionally love oneself.

Body Self-Love: Re-evaluate the relationship you have with your body. How often do you tell your body that you love her?

Find time to dress yourself up in your favorite clothing or adorn yourself with your beloved jewelry. Move your body, dance, sing, make love. Whatever helps to make you feel beautiful.

A bit of inspiration:

Soul Self-Love: Re-evaluate the relationship you have with your soul. Your soul is the inner child within you - the one who loves to experience life and is open for new miracles everyday. How often do you connect with your inner child? How often do you let it out to play and discover the world?

Take time to let yourself be embraced by feminine energies... darkness and stillness. It is so powerful to get away from our information and sensation filled society into the space of nothingness, the peace within.

This is a powerful Gong Meditation that vibrates through your whole body and soul if you let it flow:



In Tarot, Venus is portrayed as the Empress, often shown pregnant and with a filled up cornucopia. This image shows the creative side of the Venus energy. What do we birth into reality... How do we express our creativity? This can be through children, ideas, projects, interior design, businesses, art, dance, song, etc.

Venus Retrograde helps us to re-evaluate our creations and how much time we spend creating in our lives. Depending on your personal birth chart it shows in what area you're meant to let your creative juices flow...

Advice from Venus Retrograde:

Take time to play, relax and let creativity flow through you... Release any judgments and expectations in regards to your own creations.  You do not have to show the result to anyone, just do it for fun and experience.


Venus Retrograde will make us re-evaluate our own values. What is truly important to you? What do you stand for?

Be open to receive new insights during this time but also new opportunities to stand up for your true values.

Also, reflect on how you value yourself.

One of the laws of Karma is:

You get what you agree to deserve through the focus of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Value yourself enough to create a beautiful life for yourself.

Here are some ideas for personal values:


Green, pink and orange crystals are activating Venus' love and creativity, as well as your heart and sacral chakra, both governed by Venus.

Watermelon Tourmaline

To find out how Venus Retrograde influences your zodiac sign, join my Facebook Group IN SYNC WITH LIFE. If you have any questions in regards to your personal birth chart and how you can use this Venus Retrograde for your Highest Good specifically - book your IN SYNC WITH LIFE Session here.

I'm wishing you a wonderful & healing Venus Retrograde time.

Love & Peace,