New Moon in Pisces - Surrender and Rebirth

This Saturday, March 17th at 6:11 AM PT, the New Moon will be in 26 Pisces.


Pisces is the archetypal energy of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. As a mutable water sign, it reminds us of the vastness of the ocean of life, how each drop of water is connected and will at some point unite again. The journey of each drop is different, but in the end they all go back to the source. It’s the cycle of life.


A water drop may choose to rise up from the ocean into the clouds and then fall down on earth where it takes it deeply into the dark ground through all the layers of the soil, nurturing the plants and animals in the meantime until it reaches the rest of the water again and the cycle begins anew...

One may say it is an endless cycle. The amount of water on Earth always stays around the same. It’s a cycle of water, a cycle of life - the cycle of birth, death and rebirth that we are all going through.

This New Moon is on the cusp between Pisces and Aries, known as the cusp of Rebirth.

This is the last New Moon in the old astrological year before it dies and is being reborn on Spring Equinox (March 20) when the Sun moves into Aries.



As the year is being reborn, so are we.

The next days are meant for us to go within and reflect on what is meant to be reborn in our lives. See what you would like to leave behind in the old year, and what you like to bring with you into the new year instead. You may feel that certain things fall apart. Let them. Pisces is the energy of having faith in the process. Know that what is happening is for your highest good.

This is not a time to push things through or to try to control a situation. Pisces asks us to gently surrender to the flow of life, let ourselves drift wherever the stream takes us. Trust that you will find your way even though the future may look foggy now.


Pisces is ruled by THE MOON card which shows the possibility of mental fogginess, illusion, unknowing, confusion, deception. In other traditions, Pisces is represented by THE HANGED MAN which focuses on the need to surrender, pause and look at the situation from a different perspective.

This Pisces’ New Moon asks us to practice unconditional love, not only towards others but also towards ourselves.


Unconditional love means love without expectations. Love what is because it is. It is not good or bad, it just is.

If you have found yourself in an imbalance of feeling like you are giving too much, feeling burned out and unsupported... don’t feel like you need to push yourself to give more love to others and it’s you who is “at fault”. Honor your feelings. Honor your inner voice, the child within that is crying. Embrace it. Feel yourself embraced. Feel yourself loved and recharged by the source.

Unconditional love goes both ways. We are all one. If we strive to love one another, ourselves are included.

Forgive yourself for mistakes, forgive yourself for all your human shadows, worries, illnesses and fears... because that is what makes us all human. Those shadows make our life interesting, challenging and adventurous. That’s why we incarnated. If we wanted to just feel love and joy all the time, we would have stayed home. The challenging times are the ones that bring us the deepest growth, even when it hurts in the process. Pain doesn’t equate suffering. If we suffer in our lives, it is our choice to do so.

If you find yourself in a cycle where you feel like everything is going against you, turn around and go with the flow. Surrender. Feel into it. Listen to your inner voice. Ask for support. Don’t forget to ask, we all have souls surrounding us, incarnated or in spirit, that are happy to help us whenever we ask. Ask and you shall receive.


During this New Moon, our Third Eye Chakra is being activated. 

Here are some ways to assist you in this activation:





How can you use this New Moon for your Highest Good


On this New Moon, write down in what area you need support.

I ask for support in: ...

Trust that it will be given to you. Take notice of subtle signs, like dreams, thoughts, feels, animals... spirit talks to us when we’re silent.

So take some time out in silence, ask for support and then listen and let yourself receive. Notice people, events, animals, rocks and plants that come your way, for each one may have a message for you.

Check out your Sun sign (zodiac sign) and discover the area you are supported in and where a rebirth is meant to happen:




What to reflect on...

Inner Chaos, Subconscious Habits that are holding you back, Feeling like a victim, Suffering, Illnesses, Your Shadows, Fear of connecting with Spirit, Fear of Letting Go and Surrendering to the Flow, Secrets

What you are supported in...

Spiritual Connection


Surrendering to the Flow

Trust in the Divine within everyone

Connection to Nature & Wild Animals





What to reflect on:

Problems with Friends & Community, Fear of being different/weird, Fear of the Future, Problems with Technology, Having high ideals, Fear of stepping outside the line, Fear of expanding one's mind, Fear of not knowing

What you are supported in:



Future Goals

Working on a Social Cause

Mind Expansion into new realms

Inner Revolution


What to reflect on...

Workaholism, Fear of following your Calling, Problems with Reputation, Power Struggles, Problems with Authorities, Struggles with Responsibilities

What you are supported in...

Answering your call

Contributing to Society

Success in Career

Recognition for Achievements


What to reflect on...

Problems with belief system, Language Struggles, Learning disabilities, Fear of sharing your knowledge, Problems with other cultures, Travel delays, Fear of connecting with nature and big animals, Doubts about your spiritual Self

What you are supported in...

Divine Wisdom


Astral Travel

Travel Opportunities


Learning Higher Knowledge/Philosophy/Spirituality




What to reflect on...

Fear of Expressing yourself through Sex, Fear of Sharing space, Problems with other people’s money and possessions, Fear of Magic, Debts, Power struggles, Fear of Death/Transformation

What you are supported in...

Deep Transformation

Sacred Sexuality

Letting go of the old

Releasing debts

Do your Magic

Embrace your sexiness/magnetism

Investments & Investors



What to reflect on...

Toxic Relationships, Break ups, Fear of making Compromises, Problems with team work, Problems with the law, Fear of Haters, Fear of being unpopular, Co-dependency, Seeking approval

What you are supported in...

Support From others

Loving Relationships







What to reflect on...

Criticism, Negative Judgments, Health problems, Disorganization,  Not Taking Care of Oneself (diet, working out, rest), Problems at Work or with Co-workers, Problems with Pets, Unsolicited advice

What you are supported in...

Supportive Work environment

Work opportunities

Being of service


New diet/workout/daily routine

Practicing self-care





What to reflect on...

Creativity Blocks, Gambling Problems, Desire to Play and Have fun, Problems with Sex & Romance, Fear of celebrating yourself, Fear of admitting mistakes, Need to create Dramas, Problems with Children, Old Love Affairs

What you are supported in...





Light Heartedness


Creative Projects




What to reflect on...

Problems with pregnancy, Issues with (being a) Mother, Family conflicts, Fear of expressing your Emotions/being vulnerable, Fear of going within, Feeling Lonely

What you are supported in...

Home Projects

Happy Family

Inner Peace


Sacred Space

Expressing Vulnerability



What to reflect on...

Gossips, (Social) Media Addiction, Writer’s Block, Problems in Communication, Fear of Exams, Struggles with Siblings/Neighbors, Problems with Travel, Overthinking, Need for Distractions

What you are supported in...

Loving Self-Talk


Helpful Information & Education



Change of Perspective

Healthy Communication



What to reflect on...

Financial struggles, Feelings of unworthiness, Problems with traditions, Possessions that don’t bring you joy anymore, Thoughts about Money that are blocking your flow of abundance, Problems in business, Impatience, Feeling Stuck

What you are supported in...

Financial Abundance

Gratitude for what is

Healthy values and ethics

Developing your talents

Increasing Self-Worth

Successful Business



What to reflect on...

Fear of taking action or speaking up for yourself, Negative Thoughts about yourself, Masks that are hiding your true self, Fear of new beginnings, Fear of confrontation, Anger Issues, Fear of going out, Competition, Rushing through life, War Within

What you are supported in...



Embracing your inner Warrior


Body Movement



Wishing you a wonderfully flowing New Moon in Pisces time!


Peace and Love,