Mars Goes Retrograde - Tend to the Flame within


On Tuesday, 6/27/2018, Mars starts his retrograde journey that will last until August 27th. Throughout this time we are asked to ask to tend to the flame within, to our inner passion.

What drives us forward? How do we go about our goals? What do we desire? What motivates us? What makes us angry? Who do we compete against? What do we fight for? What is our identity? What makes our inner flame burn?

Mars retrograde journey takes it from 9 Aquarius back to 28 Capricorn. Until August 13th, we are meant to focus especially on the collective consciousness. What is our identity within our community and friends? On August 14th, Mars re-enters the sign of Capricorn. There are still lessons for us to learn in the energy of Capricorn - the collective structure, the matrix, the system that we live in.

What are our roles within those limitations? Are we pushing the limits? Are we letting others cross our boundaries?

The last time Mars was in Capricorn was between March 18 and May 16 this year. What was your focus back then? What were your goals? There is something from that time that is meant to be re-visited. 

When Mars emerges out of its retrograde journey on August 27th, we are being reborn with a stronger flame than ever, motivated to reach our highest potential. We have done the work within and we are ready to go for our goals.


What does this mean for the United States?


Let's look at the birth chart of the USA, born on July 4th, 1776 (birthday/solar return is coming up!) at 5:10 pm in Philadelphia, PA.


USA chart.png


Mars starts its retrograde journey in the 2nd house, the house of values and traditions.

What are we as people living in the USA standing up for? What are the American values? What are our traditions? What does it mean to be an American?

In July, Mars will be transiting the United States' South Node, reminding us of our roots and past. Though this country was created through war against the Native Americans, it then stood for freedom and the acceptance of all backgrounds. Hence, the Moon in Aquarius - the Moon in a country's chart represents the public and Aquarius is a diversity of all backgrounds, embracing independence, innovation and uniqueness. Are we truly living according to our original values?

On August 26th, Mars will have completed its retrograde journey and turn around again, right before it would have conjunct natal Pluto of the United States. This could be a sign that an argument or conflict almost breaks out but it settles down before sparks fly. 

For all of us living in the United States, we can use this Mars Retrograde to truly embrace our passion on what we value in this country, what traditions are worth fighting for, what voices need to be heard and who are we called to stand up for. All of us are unique and all of us make up one. This goes beyond any borders.


How does Mars Retrograde personally affect you?

Check your Sun sign below to find out in what area Mars asks you to re-discover your passion and spark the desire for life within you.



What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Problems with Friends & Community, Fear of being different/weird, Fear of the Future, Problems with Technology, Having high ideals, Fear of stepping outside the line, Fear of expanding one's mind, Fear of not knowing

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...



Future Goals

Working on a Social Cause

Mind Expansion into new realms

Inner Revolution




What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Workaholism, Fear of following your Calling, Problems with Reputation, Power Struggles, Problems with Authorities, Struggles with Responsibilities

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...

Life Direction

Contributing Role in Society

Your Career

Your Authority/Management skills





What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Problems with belief system, Language Struggles, Learning disabilities, Fear of sharing your knowledge, Problems with other cultures, Travel delays, Fear of connecting with nature and big animals, Doubts about your spiritual Self

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...

Your Truth


Astral Travel



Learning Higher Knowledge/Philosophy/Spirituality




What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Fear of Expressing yourself through Sex, Fear of Sharing space, Problems with other people’s money and possessions, Fear of Magic, Debts, Power struggles, Fear of Death/Transformation

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...

Deepest Desires


Sacred Sexuality

Letting go of the old

Do your Magic

Embrace your sexiness/magnetism

Investments & Investors



What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Toxic Relationships, Break ups, Fear of making Compromises, Problems with teamwork, Problems with the law, Fear of Haters, Fear of being unpopular, Co-dependency, Seeking approval

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...

Support From others

Loving Relationships







What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Criticism, Negative Judgments, Health problems, Disorganization,  Not Taking Care of Oneself (diet, working out, rest), Problems at Work or with Co-workers, Problems with Pets, Unsolicited advice

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...

Supportive Work environment

Work opportunities

Being of service


New diet/workout/daily routine

Practicing self-care





What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Creativity Blocks, Gambling Problems, Desire to Play and Have fun, Problems with Sex & Romance, Fear of celebrating yourself, Fear of admitting mistakes, Need to create Dramas, Problems with Children, Old Love Affairs

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...





Light Heartedness


Creative Projects




What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Problems with pregnancy, Issues with (being a) Mother, Family conflicts, Fear of expressing your Emotions/being vulnerable, Fear of going within, Feeling Lonely

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...



Inner Peace


Sacred Space

Expressing Vulnerability



What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Gossips, (Social) Media Addiction, Writer’s Block, Problems in Communication, Fear of Exams, Struggles with Siblings/Neighbors, Problems with Travel, Overthinking, Need for Distractions

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...

Loving Self-Talk



Helpful Information & Education

Spontaneity/Flexibility/Light Heartedness

Change of Perspective

Siblings, Students + Neighbors




What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Financial struggles, Feelings of unworthiness, Problems with traditions, Possessions that don’t bring you joy anymore, Thoughts about Money that are blocking your flow of abundance, Problems in business, Impatience, Feeling Stuck

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...

Financial Abundance

Gratitude for what is

Healthy values and ethics

Developing your talents

Increasing Self-Worth

Successful Business



What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Fear of taking action or speaking up for yourself, Negative Thoughts about yourself, Masks that are hiding your true self, Fear of new beginnings, Fear of confrontation, Anger Issues, Fear of going out, Competition, Rushing through life, War Within

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...



Embracing your inner Warrior


Body Movement


New Beginnings

Stepping into the Unknown




What Mars Retrograde might bring up...

Inner Chaos, Subconscious Habits that are holding you back, Feeling like a victim, Suffering, Illnesses, Your Shadows, Fear of connecting with Spirit, Fear of Letting Go and Surrendering to the Flow, Secrets

Where you are meant to re-discover your passion...

Spiritual Connection


Surrendering to the Flow

Trust in the Divine within everyone

Connection to Nature & Wild Animals




I wish you all an inspiring Mars Retrograde time.


Peace and Love,