How to Balance your Feminine + Masculine Energies

Do you struggle with anxiety, stress or constant worries? Do you have little motivation to get your day started in the morning?

If so, don’t be too hard on yourself. These are common signs of imbalances in your energies (and we all have them at times!). There are relatively simple ways you can bring yourself back into balance and experience harmony.

One of the tools I love to work with as an Inner Peace Coach is the balancing of feminine and masculine energies within ourselves.

Women and men both have feminine and masculine energies within themselves. There are women who portray more masculine traits, as well as men who express more of their feminine side. At the same time, we go through phases and moods and like everything, our energies are in constant motion as well.


This blog post is here to help you become aware of any imbalances and gives you tools on how to bring harmony back into your life.

First off…

What are feminine and masculine energies?

Here is a list to help you get acquainted with them:


Duality looks at one versus the other, similar to how I have created this table above. The perspective through the lenses of duality which is the masculine perspective helps us to order things and make sense of the world.

Polarity is feminine energy. It unites the two opposite side as part of the same coin. The left wing and right wing that belongs to the same bird. It reminds us that there is seldom 100% of anything, nothing is only bad or only good, everything is on a spectrum between the two poles.

Both perspectives have their part and necessity in our lives, just as both, masculine and feminine energies are equally important.

When you go through the list above, do you notice a tendency to express more over the other?

This is how you can notice imbalances in your life:

Do you feel…

Anxious, Stressed, Jittery, Hyper (excessive masculine) or

Depressed, Lethargic, Bored, Apathetic (excessive feminine)?

When you have excessive masculine (yang) energies, bring in more feminine (yin) energies into your life and vice versa in order to establish equilibrium and harmony.

For example, if you feel anxious (excessive yang), slow down and take deep breaths, ground yourself to Mother Earth, go within, take time out to just be (yin).

If you feel depressed (excessive yin), get up and out of the house, take action, reach out and speak up (yang).

At first, it may be hard to bring in the opposite energy, when you are on the other side of the spectrum. However, simply the awareness on where you are on the spectrum already helps you to first be compassionate with yourself (we’ve all been there!) and second, accept your situation without shame so that you then are able to open yourself up to tune into the opposite energy and bring balance back into your life.

If you want to know more about how to establish this balance in your life, as well as what it means to experience Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Femininity, check out our Sacred Sister Podcast where my dear soul sister Britt and I are exploring this topic deeper, normalize the magic and sacralize the mundane.

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