1.2 What are masculine and feminine energies?

Hello and Welcome to the Sacred Sister Podcast!

We are Britt Lynn and Hanna and today we explore what it means when we talk about masculine and feminine energies, how they show up in your life, how you have both of those within you no matter what your gender is and how you can balance them.

Sacred Sister Podcast

Come join us as we Normalize The Magic and Sacralize The Mundane!

oin us as we open communication on masculine and feminine energies.

Today we’ll explore:

Why are they important to be aware of?

What are they, what do they look like?

What does excessive masculine/feminine look like? How may we begin to heal them?

What is toxic masculinity and toxic femininity?

What is divine masculinity or divine femininity?

Call To Action - Each episode we give prompts on how to personally dive deeper with the information covered in this episode!

Feminine (Yin) Masculine (Yang)

Reflective/Internal/Being Active/External\Doing

Dark Light

Cold Hot

Wet Dry

Intuition/Emotions Intellect/Thoughts

Unity Individuality

Slow Fast

Deep/Down/Fall High/Up/Rise

Soft Hard

Spirituality Science

Night Day

Moon Sun

Curvy/Flowy Straight/Focused

Pulling/Receiving Pushing/Giving

Past Future

Subconscious Conscious

Goddess God

Inclusive Exclusive

Source Force

Negative Positive

Chaos Order

Energy Matter

Wave Particle

Polarity Duality