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Mars Goes Retrograde - Tend to the Flame within

On Tuesday, 6/27/2018, Mars starts his retrograde journey that will last until August 27th. Throughout this time we are asked to ask to tend to the flame within, to our inner passion.

What drives us forward? How do we go about our goals? What do we desire? What motivates us? What makes us angry? Who do we compete against? What do we fight for? What is our identity? What makes our inner flame burn?

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Uranus' Journey through Taurus

Uranus - the planet of awakening - moves into Taurus on May 15th and will stay there (on and off) until 2026. Now is the time where things come to an end or into fulfillment that have started when Uranus moved into Aries in May 2010 (and again in March 2011).

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