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New Moon in Scorpio - Deep Changes

Today, on Sunday, October 27th 2019 at 8:38 PM PT, the New Moon will be in 4° Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, it’s an energy of passion, depth, intimacy, and transformation. This New Moon cycle helps us to make big changes in our lives. Especially with Uranus in Taurus opposite the Sun and the Moon this New Moon Cycle helps us to let go of energies, possessions, attachments, thought patterns that are holding us back from expressing our deepest authentic self.

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Full Moon in Aries - Aspire to Inspire

On October, 13th 2019, at 2:08 PM PT the Full Moon will be in 20° Aries. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, the first sign of the zodiac, representing the Spark of Life. Aries’ Archetype is the Warrior and Pioneer. With the T-Square between the Sun, Moon and Saturn, this Full Moon asks us to step out of our comfort zone, create healthy boundaries, break down old limitations and step into leadership - unapologetically.

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New Moon in Libra - A Time for Justice + Equality

On Saturday, September 28th, the new Moonth starts with the New Moon in Libra, in the 5th degree. Libra is a cardinal Air sign, the Power of the Mind, Thoughts and Relationships. The symbol for Libra are the Scales. Its energy is balancing, attracting, refining, adjusting, comparing, cooperating, uniting... Therefore, Libra rules the House of Relationships & Contracts. New Moons are times to set intentions for new beginnings.

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Full Moon in Aquarius - Embrace your Specialness

This upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday, August 15th 2019 at 5:29 am PT assists you in becoming aware of fears that hold you back from moving towards your goals as well as people/associations who no longer resonate with you - so that you can make space for the future where your wishes are fulfilled with a soul tribe that supports and loves you unconditionally.

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Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn - Break the Limits

This upcoming potent Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on Tuesday, July 16th at 2:38 PM PT assists you in freeing yourself from restrictions and transforming into a new version of yourself. Like an Energetic DNA upgrade!! (If you are tracking your Moon Cycles, look back on the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th, 2019 - some wish that you had around that time comes now into fulfillment or is ready to be released.)

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