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Solar Eclipse in Cancer - 3 Steps to Manifest your Dreams

A deeply healing and powerfully transforming Solar Eclipse in Cancer is upon us (July 2nd)! This is how you can use this potent energy to manifest your goals successfully: As you know, we reap what we sow. Whatever energy we're sending out, we are receiving back at some point either through other people, situations or events . Energy works just like a boomerang. Even if we do not consciously set intentions during New Moons (or Solar Eclipses!), subconsciously we are manifesting our imagination and co-creating our reality on a regular basis (and if we worry we will manifest more stress because life gives us what we ask for - that’s why worry is a misuse of our imagination and that’s why placebos work.). 

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New Moonth in Gemini - Fresh Wind of Change

On Monday, June 3rd at 3:02 AM PT a New Moon cycle will begin in 12° Gemini. Gemini is a mutable air sign. Air is the element of the mind - symbolizing thoughts, communication and relationships. Being a mutable air sign, the energy of Gemini thrives on information exchange, in whatever way possible, either learning, teaching, sharing, traveling, experimenting, trading, storytelling - anything that stimulates the mind, connects or is entertaining.

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New Moon in Aries - Take Charge

This Friday’s New Moon will be in the sign of ARIES (exact at 1:51 AM PT in the 15th degree). This Aries Moon Cycle represents new beginnings, courage, inspiration and a take-charge attitude. Aries is the sign of the Ram, the first sign of the Zodiac, teaching us to be assertive in who we are, what we want and to go our path - even when it means that we walk it alone or no one has ever walked that path before us.

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