Astro Baby Book

Astro Baby Book


Discover your baby's personality on a deeper level and help him/her live a life full of purpose and joy.

Individually designed and personally interpreted.

One of a kind.

Great gift!

This book covers all about your baby's personality correlating to the planets, their signs, location and aspect at the moment of her/his birth. 


Find out about your child's:

- Personality

- Strengths

- Interests

- Ambitions

- Health

- Soul's Purpose

- Challenges

- How she/he sees the world

- How she/he relates to others

- What she/he needs to feel nurtured

and more.


Use your own photos of the baby to enhance the beauty of the book!

30 Page - Hard Cover Book


If your child is not a baby anymore, message me and I'll make this a Star Child Book and adjust the topics accordingly.

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