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Mercury moves through Virgo

The planet of communication moves into the sign of Virgo. This is where Mercury feels the most comfortable. Virgo is a mutable Earth sign and represents the Wisdom of the Earth, Body and Senses. When Mercury is in Virgo, our communication style becomes more analytical, scientific, and humble. We tend to dissect information that is coming to us and see how we can categorize it in our brain. It is a great time to write, research and go within. Virgo is the Hermit, so socializing might be not the number one thing to do throughout this time, at least not without spending time in "our cave" to get recharged again. Virgo is health conscious and has a great eye for detail. Our communication style will shift towards wanting to help others improve their lives. 

Check your birth chart to see through what house Mercury will pass through in order to see how it affects you personally.


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