Born in Germany,

I have always felt a deep connection to the subtle realms and hidden meanings. My investigative mind brought me through all kinds of spiritual experiences, even to the point where I dismissed all things sacred and entered the so-called dark night of the soul - a time of deep suffering that marked the beginning of my transformation.


I’m Hanna and welcome to in Sync with Life!

My mission is to support you in living in harmony with nature and cosmos to experience inner peace and reach your goals without feeling stressed.

Living in sync with the natural and cosmic rhythms of life helps us to live a life in harmony. Harmony is the balance between tense and relaxed moments. There are times where we are supported to strive and push, other times we are meant to trust and let go. Instead of banging against a door that isn’t open for you (yet), by looking at the cosmic cycles we can see the journey ahead, use stumbling stones as stepping stones and walk through the portal that IS open for you to manifest your deepest purpose.

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Peace and Love,