Hanna helps her clients to connect with the voice within, find higher meaning in challenging situations and remember themselves and others on a deep soul level.



Spiritual guidance

Ask anything that lies on your mind, e.g. in regards to relationships, health, work, purpose, money, etc. With the help of divination tools like astrology, numerology or tarot we will discover the meaning behind the challenge or situation and explore ways on how you can use this time for your Highest Good.



SOul healing

Illnesses, suffering and pains are the voices of the soul, reaching out to us with a message. In this session we will dive into the metaphysical meaning behind the way you feel and heal the core fear attached to the dis-ease with the help of Holy Fire Reiki, Guided Visualization or Sacred Ritual.



Celebrate the milestones in your life with a Sacred Ceremony that is uniquely designed for you. If it's a wedding, blessing way, baby naming, cord cutting, saturn return, the collective THE WAY OF THE ROSE is happy to assist you in creating magical memories.