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It’s time for a

Life Restored.

 I see you.

Feeling exhausted and anxious, trying to live life the way you’re “supposed to”.

Being hit by challenge after challenge, feeling out of control of what is happening in your life.

Hitting a glass ceiling in your growth and banging your head trying to push through (ouch!).

Knowing that you’re here to fulfill a deeper purpose but unsure of what that is.

Squeezing yourself into a role that seems too limited for the TRUE YOU.

And others might even tell you,

that’s JUST the way life is.

But you know better…

 You know you deserve to live A life

full of Magic and Meaning!

You know you haven’t come here to play small.

And you know you have the power to create the life you wish.

But with all the hustle and drama of this world, you have forgotten how.

You may have almost started to believe that you have to settle and become ‘realistic’.

To stop dreaming and accept that that’s just what your life is and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You try to focus on the positive, even though your life is filled with pain, stress and challenges.

But it takes a whole lot of energy to stay on your path while the world is crumbling!

And you’re sick of the struggle.

 So, let’s get real.

what you really want in life is:

⤐ Embodying your unique powers and manifesting your dreams.

⤐ Enjoying life to the fullest and having fun while making a positive impact.

⤐ Being loved, honored and appreciated for who you truly are - your light and shadow!

⤐ Deepening your connection to your inner voice and the magic of life.

⤐ Living your purpose while earning money doing what you love.

 You know in your heart that this is possible.

But, something is holding you back.

You feel stuck. Like life came to a standstill or is moving just reeeeeally slowly.

The baggage from the past feels heavy. You are unsure of the next steps to take.

You may have tried affirmations, spiritual guidance, energy healing or the law of attraction…

But the results you hoped for didn’t come.

You feel lost. You’re thinking,

Maybe it’s not meant to be.

Maybe all my dreams are nothing but fantasy

and will never be my reality.

you couldn’t be further from the truth!

 You see…

the reason why you are dreaming these dreams is because you as an infinite multidimensional being

are able to see into the future timeline where those dreams are already manifested in reality.

It is in your power to tune into that timeline and attract that future to you.

You may think:

sounds good, But how?

This is where I can help you.

The reason why I feel your pain is because I’ve been where you are right now.

This IS me. 8 years ago.

I had a dream. And I was really excited to go after it.

But somehow I found myself in a space where I didn’t expect to be.

I took on a job that sucked the life out of me and on top of that I didn’t feel valued.

I realized I was in an emotional abusive relationship when I read an article about having to constantly walk on eggshells to not trigger the other and I somehow thought that this was love.

I dimmed my light, forgot how to love mySelf and completely disconnected from my intuition and the Divine.

I lost all meaning and purpose in my life and even played with thoughts of just giving up and leaving this world.


 And then I got sick.

My throat became sore and literally swell to the point where I could just eat liquid foods for weeks.

(Now I know it was my Throat Chakra screaming, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!)

No medicine helped. My body wore down to the point of such exhaustion that it pushed me to change my life.

I knew something had to shift.

I couldn’t live like this anymore.

So I embarked on a journey to

Restore my Life.

And within the next 9 months, I…

… left my old life behind, took back my powers, and regained strength.

… rekindled my inner fire and remembered what truly brings me joy.

… embodied my powers and stepped into leadership, taking charge of my life.

… met my soulmate and experienced love in a way I couldn’t have ever imagined.

… reconnected with my family and friends, started healing from the past.

… took a deep dive into my spiritual journey and reawakened my intuition.

And last but not least finally found my true north, my purpose in life!


so i co-created with spirit a system that helps with

resetting our thoughts and emotions to realign with our purpose and keep the gears of life running smoothly again.



What I’ve come to realize is that Life is a Game.

Just like if you were playing a video game or watching a movie, there is a remote controller for your life.

And it’s actually not as ‘remote’ as the name might imply but closer than you think:


9 Steps to a life restored


Taking stock on where you’re at and what’s holding you back.

2. Fast Forward

Envisioning the future timeline you want to tune into.


Creating healthy boundaries. Burning cords to the past that no longer serve you.

4. Rewind

Healing ancestral patterns. Reconnecting with your purpose.


Making lifestyle changes. Telling a new story.


Focusing on what you appreciate. Savoring the simple moments.


Doing what brings you joy while giving back from your heart.


Owing your authority and being the leader of your community.


Taking control of your life. Realigning to your path.

Are you ready to

Restore your Life?