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Melissa Blynn, Motivational Public Speaker, Leadership/Development Coaching

“Hanna is BY far the most aware, educated and compassionate astrological chart reader I have ever met. Her level of dedication in supporting my soul to understand deeper into this human experience has been so transformational for me... I strongly recommend her. ”

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Brittani Lynn LaBouff,

“My birth chart/astrology readings with Hanna have all provided me with deeper insight into who I am, and how to move in my life. I decided to also take the astrology classes she’s given in Las Vegas and couldn’t recommend them higher! She’s so knowledgeable in this realm and I’ve recommended many friends and family to her!”


Raffaella Namsuah, Germany

“The last hours were incredible. I really felt like I was lost - having strange spiritual experiences due to some “experiments” I made while meditating. The negativity was everywhere in me and in the room and I was afraid to have lost all my positivity. But then - everything changed! I started to get in contact with you, not only in my mind but also via text, and you helped me to get out of there! First of all you explained what was happening to me. Then you described me how to build up a circle that protects me from negative things out there and told me what to say and what to think to get back the light in me. After having felt sad and angry and afraid for one hour I only needed to get in contact with you to push away the bad things. I did what you told me and you were there, waiting and healing until I was feeling well again. Thank you for having been by my side and having dedicated so much time to make me feel better again. You are such a special soul and I feel like there is so much out there that needs you! Thank you. You are incredible.”