In this 1-hour coaching session we focus on your relationship and how you can live in sync together. This reading works for partners, but also family members, friends, children, etc. With the help of astrology and numerology we will find out what your strengths and challenges are together, how you influence each other, and how you can get the best out of each other and live in harmony.


In this In SYNC with LIFE Session we explore how you can tune into your Highest Self and embrace your deepest treasures. This session is guided by your questions depending on what is going on in your current life. We will look at your birth chart and see how the current cosmic energies influence you personally and how you can use this time and the next three months for your Highest Good. After this 1-hour coaching session you will come out with deep knowledge of the meaning of what is happening in your current life as well as tools on how to transform any stumbling stones into stepping stones and live in sync with life.